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Tsoran's map
Gossamer Valley

This category lists all creatures found in the Gossamer Valley hunting area. The Gossamer Valley hunting area is nearest to the town of Ta'Illistim. It is found on the Tsoran map EN-sapphire.

Not far west of Whistler's Pass lies a mountain trail and valley covered in glacial ice. At first glance, you might believe they named this harsh frozen valley 'Gossamer' because it's anything but. However, with careful observation, the truth of it becomes clear that they were referring to the delicate and tenuous grasp of life that manages to cling to unforgiving land.

Gossamer Valley is a cold place, located on, and in, a glacier. The area known as the Glitter Ice Caverns is also located here. Adventurers who wish to hunt here will have to contend with the cold, which can cause periodic damage should she stay in the area for too long. Training in Survival has been known to delay the onset of this damage, as well as the Ranger Base spell, Resist Elements (602).

Glitter Ice Caverns

The entrance to this location is through a crevice in the southwestern portion of Gossamer Valley, though the crevice is not always available. Occasionally a geyser will spray warm water over the area, knocking any present characters over and causing ten seconds of roundtime, and the crevice will become available.

The log below is from inside the caverns. There are three points in the caverns that have similar messages, which include the crevice to enter the caverns, this crack, and a hole that leads outside of the caverns.

A geyser explodes through the ice, its hot water and seismic shaking destroying the ice caverns all around you.  The air is filled with cascading water that quickly turns to ice in the frigid conditions, reforming the glittering caverns all around you again.  The geyser slows, then stops, and its pool of water solidifies to create another slick ice floor for the cavern.

Parts of the ice melt away revealing a jagged crack!

The caverns themselves are maze-like, as the cardinal directions do not always lead to the same rooms. To exit the caverns, there is a "crack" and a "hole" that one must travel through, but they, like the crevice, are not always available. One must wait for a geyser to melt the ice and reveal the passageway, which does take several minutes, each. It is recommended to use teleportation magic if exiting the Glitter Ice Caverns quickly is a priority.

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