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A gown is generally considered to be a woman's garment, often times formal, that is a bodice with an attached skirt.

There are several alternative names that may at times be used for gown, although each carries its own real-world specific look and meaning. These include:

  • ballgown - a highly formal gown worn to balls and other formal events
  • bliaut - an outer garment, generally cut from one piece and has voluminous skirts and sleeves
  • cotehardie - an outer garment with long sleeves that is often tightly-fitted with laces or buttons
  • houppelande - an overgown with long sleeves and a long skirt
  • kirtle - generally worn as an intermediate item between an outer gown and a slip

It is to be noted that not all merchants will use all these terms interchangeably.

Scripted Gowns

There are numerous types of scripted gown, including: