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Un(refined) gowns were introduced The Tailored Imperial at the event Valley of Gold in 2019. They were also available at the Ebon Gate Festival of 2019.


~ Un(refined) Gowns ~

This copper silk gown must remain some type of gown or dress.  It should not be sleeveless, short, or tight fitting.

This copper silk gown has been unlocked twice.  It cannot be improved further.

Tier 1


Verb First Third
POKE Like a contortionist, you attempt to reach a nagging itch centered directly upon your back. Just as your fingertips reach it, the sound of ripping seams snaps you back into your original stance. Hope no one heard that! Looking like a contortionist, XXX reaches for the center of her back with a look of extreme determination. The sound of a ripping seam on her lilac jacquard gown snaps her back into a relaxed, yet awkward, stance.
PROD You gather the hem of your copper silk gown into your hand, carefully inspecting the fabric for footprints. XXX gathers the hem of her lilac jacquard gown into her hand and carefully inspects the condition of the fabric.
RUB Glancing down, you spot flecks of dirt near the hem of your copper silk gown and frantically brush at the fabric. XXX glances down at the hem of her lilac jacquard gown and begins to frantically brush at the fabric
TAP With a long sigh, you pluck at the cuff of your copper silk gown, removing a loose thread. With a sigh, XXX plucks a loose thread from the cuff of her lilac jacquard gown.
TURN Swishing the skirts of your copper silk gown, you shake the dirt from the hemline. Small motes of dust fill the air! Swishing the skirts of her lilac jacquard gown, XXX pretends to ignore the small motes of dust swirling around her.
WAVE Staring in horror at a footprint near the hem of your copper silk gown, you give a dismissive wave and mutter something about clumsy feet. Staring in horror at a footprint near the hem of her lilac jacquard gown, XXX gives a dismissive wave and mutters something about clumsy feet.

Tier 2


Verb First Third
ATTEND You wipe at a spot on the front of your copper silk gown and only succeed in making a bigger mess of the soiled fabric. XXX wipes at the front of her velvet gown.
HUG Your eye catches an unseemly spot on the bodice of your copper silk gown, and you wrap your arms around your torso, trying to conceal it. Looking a bit embarrassed, XXX wraps her arms around herself, hugging the sides of her velvet gown.
NUDGE Spying a large wrinkle in your copper silk gown, you vigorously tug at the waist, trying to adjust the fabric. You only succeed in showing off a bit of your form as you yank the hemline up and the neckline down. Oh my! XXX tugs vigorously at the waist of her velvet gown, attempting to smooth out a wrinkle in the fabric.
Without looking down, you idly pick at a small tear in the fabric at the neckline of your copper silk gown. Staring into the distance, XXX fingers the neckline of her velvet gown.

Additional Information

Un(refined) gown Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Clothing
Item(s) Applied to Gownlike
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Original Release Venue Valley of Gold
Tiered Yes
Number of Tiers 2
How to Unlock Merchant
Restrictions Cannot be sleeveless
Cannot be short
Cannot be tight fitting