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Shake, Rattle, and Roll was a 2017 storyline in Ta'Illistim, following on the heels of the Ties that Bind. Ta'Illistim began experiencing earthquakes in Fashanos, 5117 and it came to a head on the 19th of Charlatos in a violent temblor that caused significant damage to the city and gravely injured the Argent Mirror. Below is an incomplete record of events, largely lifted from forum posts and logs.


Part One

Charlatos 14, 5117

NPC Alasylis of The Rooted Earth organization performed research into the cause of the quakes and damage with adventurers. It was decided that the explosion associated with the lich from Ties that Bind had damaged the rock that Ta'Illistim was built upon. The very foundations of the city were shifting which in turn caused the quakes and destruction.

Charlatos 19, 5117

The quakes plagued the city all day long, their occurrences becoming more frequent and violent as the night settled in. Many buildings in the city crumbled to dust, or were buried in rock. The citizens and others who call her home spent hours digging out those trapped and searching buildings for survivors. Just when it seemed like those working hard in the mud and dirt were making headway, a large quake struck the foundations and collapsed the Keep on top of their Beloved Mirror. Working hard and fast, the Mirror was found unconscious among the rubble, small Gasen next to her. Digging continues, but not many are thought to be alive in such destruction. Those needing to bank or use their locker in Ta’Illistim are encouraged to go to Sylvarraend or Cysaegir instead.

Charlatos 20, 5117

Lord Hairi, Brother of The Rooted Earth, discussed ideas for strengthening the stone foundations of the city of Ta'Illistim. Both his organization and The Amber Flame, felt the lich's explosion caused the stone beneath Ta'Illistim to weaken and break apart, and this shifting of the bedrock has been causing the quakes. Both societies felt that with enough power from those attuned to earth and fire, they could meld the stone back together and make it stronger than ever. There were also suggestions from those gathered to add metal into the liquid stone to make it stronger.

Charlatos 25, 5117

On Feastday the twenty-fifth of Charlatos, Ctarys, Hairi, and Nestrana each brought an artifact and gathered those attuned to their element, instructing them to stand behind in a circle. All those wishing to participate were instructed to create a circle behind them, so those with the ability could draw on their magical power. During the ritual, a cursed gem was used by one present. That gem briefly corrupted the flow of power, but was removed and the healing went on. The city felt some quakes, heating, and cooling of the earth during the event. At the end, the mages felt that it helped, but were not sure it completely worked. Time would tell.

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