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Sorcerer's Isle is a hunting area outside Ta'Vaalor located across the Mistydeep River to the southeast of the Ravelin. The river could be crossed by the boats located at the Ravelin's fishing docks or swimming or using Water Walking (112) from a dock on either the eastern or western side of the River. The shortest way to access the Isle is to swim or walk across from the entrance outside the Vermilion Gate.

Water Walking is recommended for those traversing the Isle, as many areas are marshy. Without the water walking spell, adventurers are subjected to roundtime when moving through some rooms.

There is currently a bug with the boats if the rower is in a group. Typing GROUP before leaving the boat will fix the issue and allow all group members to exit the vessel.

Daytime creatures Nighttime creatures
tegursh sentry tegursh sentry
martial eagle mammoth arachnid
lesser wood sprite giant hawk-owl

Area messaging

A black shrew darts across the path, unremarkable but for its spiked tail.

A whiff of sulfur and smoke wafts through the area.

At the edge of hearing, the constant murmur of the river's lapping waves against the shore seems almost loud against the unnatural silence of the woods.

Circling high overhead, a martial eagle screams a challenge before passing away to the north.

From somewhere in the direction of the tower comes a sharp clash of metal followed by a muffled scream.

In the tower far above, a gargoyle shifts slightly before resuming its silent vigil.

There is a loud rustling in the undergrowth, but the foliage is too dense to spot the source of the disturbance.

There is a sudden splash from the river that sounds too loud to be just a fish on its daily hunt.

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