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Icemule has a metal shortage (metal has been getting bought out entirely and transported east and up the mountain). Icemule gets attacked several times by a giant metal manticore (get description). A call for help is put out by Mayor Talliver and representatives of various places show up (Kynsella from River's Rest, Cyik from Ta'Vaalor, and Sayilla from Ta'Illistim). Icemule eventually finds out it was created by two gnomes (Hauptwhistle and Fiddlestix), and that they are the cause of the metal shortage. The gnomes plan to sell the manticore (The Ravager) to the highest bidder in Wehnimer's Landing. The gnomes leave with The Ravager.
A meeting is held in River's Rest, Ta'Illistim, and Ta'Vaalor. The gnomes show up in Wehnimer's Landing and many dignitaries are there as well (get list). Of note are a group of krolvin led by Kyjani. Bidding commences and as a joint effort between Icemule, Ta'Vaalor, and River's Rest is about to successfully purchase The Ravager, the krolvin move into action and steal it. Blood magic is used to control The Ravager and the krolvin stole Hauptwhistle's blood. The gnomes flee. The Ravager flees. Everyone flees.
The Ravager attacks various towns. The gnomes are found. The immediate base of operations for The Ravager were the krolvin camp outside Wehnimer's Landing (were mercs/warfs are) before it was taken to the Black Sands and launched out to sea. The gnomes are arrested and taken to Icemule under guard.
A plan is enacted by Mayor Talliver of Icemule to draw out the krolvin in an attack. The town defends against the krolvin and the manticore, while a trap is laid for Kyjani (who enters into it) by Ellerel. The manticore retreats to it's cave (get description?) where it is sealed beneath rubble caused by the gnomes blowing up the mountain top. Imperial Drake Aludria further seals the manticore by melting the rock around it into magma which creates a (hopefully) impervious shell.
Kyjani is handed over to Ta'Vaalor to be under guard. The gnomes are kept in Icemule to be used to benefit the town as reparations for the destruction, harm, and death they caused. Everyone high fives, Lord Ethelbort Snodsbury the Third discusses creating a play of the events, and we all go home.
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