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Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender female
Race elf
Status Alive
Alias/Title a doe-eyed elven child


Large, brown eyes peer from beneath tawny bangs as the elven child gazes in wonder at everything around her.  Her lithe frame is bedecked in an antique style of clothing that seems far too old for her age and is made all the more comical by her unshod feet.  Her wrists and ankles are covered in colorful string bracelets, though a few are decorated with beads and bells.


  • Pulling a vial from a pocket on her skirt, the child unscrews its top and pulls out a wand. She gently blows on the wand, and a bubble appears, which she promptly pops.
  • Prancing playfully about, the child spots a dense cluster of mist and instantly falls prostrate before it. Pressing her head to the ground, she says, "Oh, Lord of the Mist and Eels, I wish to feel the weight of your grace upon my shoulders." Peeking up, she says, "Though mother says I'm too young to properly worship, I understand the bounty of your grace and all that you have promised." With a beatific smile, she rises.
  • Grabbing a fistful of her skirts, the child sways in a circle to a tune that only she can hear.
  • Thunder rumbles off in the distance, and the child screams out in fear. "Don't let Charl take me from Him!" she exclaims and makes a strange warding sign -- that of a circle with her left index finger over her forehead.
  • Mist shifts through the area in a seeking manner, and the child stops her dancing as she watches it. After several moments, the mist surges towards her and clings to her face, arms, hair, and clothing. The mist parts, but not before changing some of the strands of the child's hair to an indigo shade.
  • Mist falls in a rain upon a small child, its ethereal tendrils slipping up her arm. Wincing slightly, she scratches at her arm where the mist has seeped into her skin and left an indigo trail behind.
  • Skipping through the mist, the child's playful smile suddenly fades and is replaced with a vapid expression tinged with despair and pain. Slowly, she blinks and then giggles as if nothing has happened.