Celeste Kestrel

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Celeste Kestrel was an empress of the Turamzzyrian Empire. She reigned from 4375 to 4402 M.E..

Celeste ascended to the throne upon the death of her father, Immuros Kestrel, in 4375. Despite being the eldest child of Immuros, Celeste had to contest for her throne with her two brothers, Keilthar Kestrel and Lurrion Kestrel. In the first year of reign, she captured Lurrion and executed him herself. Her brother Keilthar put up a stronger fight by convincing the capital of Aldora, Elstreth, to secede from the empire and appoint him overlord in 4377. This resistance only lasted a year before Imperial troops under Celeste's control took the city. Her brother, faced with capture, drank poison.

Due to the infighting for the throne, Celeste had a relatively weak control over the empire throughout the rest of her reign. Up until her death in 4402, the empress was constantly maneuvering to keep her throne. The empress died when the royal barge sank on a return trip from Kai Toka.