Immuros Kestrel

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Immuros Kestrel was an emperor of the Turamzzyrian Empire. His reign lasted from 4327 until 4377.

Immuros assumed the throne upon the death of his cousin, Chaston Kestrel, in 4327. Over a span of fifty years, Immuros began a massive building program across the empire. Three cities were built or rebuilt under his reign, Tamzyrr, Immuron, and Krestle. Immuros negotiated a peace treaty with the Kingdom of Hendor, expanding the peace that his cousin Chaston had negotiated. In addition, Immuros improved and expanded the road and irrigation system. In terms of the military, the emperor reduced the size of the Imperial Army, while keeping the Imperial Navy strong to protect sea trade. Due to Chaston's Edict, the empire lost many of its magic users in the form of emigrating elves. Immuros sought to correct this deficit by establishing the Hall of Mages in Tamzyrr. As a result, the number of magic users flourished through out his reign. In 4375, Immuros died, ending a long, peaceful and productive reign.