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This article is reserved for information regarding the Collaborative effort between Twilight Hall and The TownCrier where Khylynnia and Leafiara interview Elanthian Adventurers.



  • Person of Interest Interview - Once a month we will select one lucky adventurer to be our focus and we will pummel them with questions about their history, their personal lives and some of the interesting things they like to do with their days in Elanthia. After the interviewers have finished asking their questions, the floor will open up to allow anyone who wants to ask a question of the interviewee. Please try to keep the questions professional.
  • Couples Interview - Every quarter we will be doing a "couples interview" where we sit down with a pair of Elanthia's love-birds and get to know a little more about their relationship. Questions will be centered around their relationship and how they met. The line of questions will not go into individual backgrounds except where it relates to the relationship between the two. If you wish to ask questions to the couple, please keep in mind that this is not about the individual, and your questions should be framed toward that end.

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