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This article is about the TownCrier MHO. For the newscast, see TownCrier.


The TownCrier is a Meeting Hall Organization in Wehnimer's Landing. It was founded in January 2018.


Luxelle Machtes Ashrim

Council Members

  • Dergoatean
  • Goldstr
  • Irar
  • Kaldonis
  • Leafiara Autumnwind
  • Luxelle Machtes Ashrim
  • Lylia
  • Macillus
  • Newsby
  • Oubar
  • Rovvigen
  • Ylandra

Statement of Purpose

Our goal is to keep Elanthia informed of current events, merchants, storylines, and news. In addition to the usual Lnet newsfeed, daily emails, and Tweets, we will be helping to form local consortium for periodic Town Halls to inform those interested, compare notes, and answer questions people may have who missed storyline events. Stories, Interviews, and other creative articles are some of the special features we create and share at the wiki. In addition, we network with each and every Great House and Meeting House Organization to provide event and news coverage that they need.


The TownCrier Team is a hard-working and devoted group of people with like-minded goals. The group is small, but well-connected into the fabric of the area each of them adventure in. This is an invitation-only working group, not a social club.

Group Crest

~ an intertwined T and C

Upcoming Events

Wehnimer's Landing Town Hall Meeting ~ September 26, 2018

Join the TownCrier at Goblyn's Pie Shop on Wednesday, September 26th, at 11:30pm for an informal Town Hall gathering. It's going to be Open Stage Night again! Enjoy unique delicacies and perspectives as you ask your Landing-related questions to anyone--yes, anyone--in the room!

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