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Sanctum of Scales map by Rozy
Also known as Sanctum of Scales, the area opened in the Sea of Fire in 2016 containing creatures ranging approximately from level 95-102. It is accessible from Solhaven for 3000 silvers via wagons in the Vornavis Caravansary.

Travel by caravan is subject to possible ambushes. Adventurers who frequently visit the Sanctum may find special bone periapts, which are charged by defeating Sanctum creatures and can be used to open a portal from a Luukosian holy site beneath Solhaven to the Sanctum and vice versa.

The Sea of Fire region outside the Sanctum is a maze where teleportation magic is blocked. Teleportation anchors such as gold rings or Wizard familiars can be set within the Sanctum for easier travel between the Sanctum and the Oasis.


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