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Champ is located at the entrance to the arena of Duskruin Arena.

Once a champion of the arena, he now acts as an the arena guard, where he exchanges dueling slips for access to the arena.


>look guard
Handsomely dressed in a navy blue ensemble, the guard stands at attention next to the arena entrance.  A tight leather belt bisects his belly, the hem of his pants raised up past the top of his polished black leather boots.  Pinned onto the lapel of his jacket is a shiny badge, engraved with the word, "Champ."  His dark black hair is combed back, but a few strands have fallen out of place and hang down over his forehead.


>ask guard about entrance
The arena guard sizes you up briefly before replying, "If you have a dueling slip, head through the arena entrance to meet your challenge!"
[To purchase a Dueling Slip, visit the SimuCoins Store.]
>ask guard about arena
The guard says, "Huh?  What... are you talking ab--"  The guard pauses mid-sentence and then steps back.  He takes a deep breath and continues, "Oh, right, that.  It is dangerous in there.  You get five minutes per opponent to show your prowess, and that's it!  Use your time wisely, and choose your weapons even more carefully.  If you don't..."  The guard makes a slicing motion with his hand across his neck.  "Off with your head!"
>ask guard about dangers
The guard gazes deeply into your eyes.  He taps his finger against a scar on his cheek.  "Nearly took my eye out, it did.  Spiked walls, falling rocks, arrows... fierce beasts!  I have a few more scars, but I'm sure you don't want to see those.  Anyhow, the best advice I can give you is to stay low, keep your hands out in front of you, slap on some courage, and if something larger than you charges, DO NOT RUN TOWARD THE PORTCULLIS!"

>ask guard about story
The guard adjusts a shiny badge pinned on the lapel of his jacket.  He says proudly, "See this?  I earned it long, long ago.  I was the rightful champion!  I earned the title, and everything that goes along with that!  At least, until now.  Now I am destined to stand here and answer questions for inquiring minds.  How's that for a prize?"  He smirks smugly at you.
>ask guard about love
"Why does everyone ask me about this?  Do I look like need a woman in my life or something?"  Clearly annoyed, the guard folds his arms across his chest.  "She told you, didn't she?  Huh?  Did she?  Well, anyway, she's too busy for the likes of me.  In a perfect world, however, Belshyve and I would have made a great team.  Don'tcha think?"  The guard mutters something about Chinchin