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The Charm Contraption was released at Rumor Woods 2022 in the shop Charmed I'm Sure.


---Charm Contraption----
This bronze-plated mechanism is a device that can let you make charms that work with Charm Jewelry.
To create a charm, the bronze-plated mechanism needs a base material; PUT things like small weapons, wooden blocks, gems, and other small fodder items to give it something to work with.
The bronze-plated mechanism also needs lightning magic to make it work; PUT silver or iron wands inside, or cast lightning magic at it for it to absorb.
SPIN the bronze-plated mechanism to cycle through different versions of the charm design, INSPECT it to view all the current settings, and then PUSH it to make a charm.
If you decide not to make a charm with the provided material and want to start over, just CLEAN the bronze-plated mechanism.
NOTE: Anything you PUT into the bronze-plated mechanism will be permanently destroyed.  You have been warned!
    ==Alteration Guidelines==
* Alterations to the 15/15/15 and/or long description of this bronze-plated mechanism are fine as long as the remainder of these guidelines are followed.  Shows are not possible.
* The bronze-plated mechanism must be made of some kind of metal.
* The noun can change, but it must overall still look like a mechanical boxy object of some sort.
* Any merchant, if comfortable, can alter the custom settings, if unlocked (Custom Adjectives/Custom Design Template), as long as the guidelines for these settings noted in the "Unlockable Features" section are followed.
    ==Unlockable Features==
* Dye Additive [Unlocked]
    With this feature, you can POUR cobbling or alchemy dyes into the bronze-plated mechanism to add colors to the charm designs.  You can TWIST the bronze-plated mechanism to toggle whether the color will appear in the current design without having to empty the dye.  To empty the dye without using it, TILT the bronze-plated mechanism.
* Custom Adjectives [Locked] and Custom Design Templates [Locked]
    Unlocking these slots allow you to have further control over potential charm designs.  Custom Adjectives appear before the noun of the charm, while Custom Design Templates let you dictate a specific description for a resulting charm (with areas where you can specify where the material name, color, and adjective appear.)
    - Custom Adjectives /must/ be descriptive and be feasible for all material types.
      Examples: "oblong", "scarred", "intricate".
    - Custom Design Templates must make sense for all material types and must contain a version with or without dye/color.
      Examples: "(a/an) (material) snarling tiger charm/(a/an) (color) (material) snarling tiger charm" OR "(a/an) (adjective) (material) charm etched with a repeating design/(a/an) (adjective) (material) charm etched with (a/an) (color) design".
    You can TURN the bronze-plated mechanism to cycle between the custom slots you have set and the default settings for the provided material.  You can GAZE at the bronze-plated mechanism to see all the settings.
* DROP/PUT (add material/wands), CLEAN (removes material without using it), SPIN (narrows focus of the charm's design), PUSH (creates charm), INSPECT (view current settings), POUR (add alchemy/cobbling dye), TWIST (toggle whether dye is used in the design), TILT (removes dye).


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Charm Contraption Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to
Original Release Venue Rumor Woods
Original Release Year 2022
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