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Rumor Woods - The Coney and the Tortoise


Rumor Woods is an expansion to Summit Academy.

Enter the jousting competition or the fox hunt to earn raikhen to spend on character customizations.

This event offers the usual customizations found at Summit Academy and adds the Rumor Woods expansion where players can play games, buy mounts, customize them, and buy gear for them.

Sylinar has moved Sylinar's Spire to a new location that will be revealed at a later date.


All Instances - June 19, 2020 @ 9pm - June 28th, 2020 @ 11:59pm (this was extended til Tuesday, June 30, 2020 @ midnight)




Character Customizations

  • Spell preps for both circles and individual spells
  • Swears
  • Log on/off messages
  • Signature verbs
  • Feature options
  • Weight reduction for containers
  • Enhancive hiding jewelry


Rumor Woods 2020 shop listing

Merchant List

There were no announced merchant services for this event, but at least one merchant showed up numerous times to customize flypaper tattoos.

Weight reduction

Approximately ~6.3 raikhen per pound of capacity each percent, times the markup. So a 50 pound container is 340/per, an 80 pound container is 510/per, a 200 pound container is 1275/per.

So it's ~25k to get a 200 pound container to 20%, or 30k to get an 80 pound container to 40%.

Weight Reduction surcharge cost from the seamstress doubled at 21%, tripled again (6x) at 41% and so on.

Games List


Those who are interested in jousting must first choose which side they will ride for — the two competing sides change with each run of this event. [2019: The Serpent and The Phoenix; 2020: The Coney and The Tortoise] They will then don traditional jousting gear, saddle up on their steed of choice, and prepare for battle!

Jousting wins will be tallied toward your faction's total, and once the event ends, those aligned with the winning side will receive not only bragging rights, but new titles as well!

Fox hunt

The fox hunt is a quick chase to find the cunning fox. Adventurers have 90 seconds to track down the fox to be awarded currency and other prizes! Finding other fauna in Rumor Woods will also come with rewards!

Portal or Travel Info

Use QUEST TRANSPORT RUMOR in game to access this event.

Transports players to Sylinar's Spire, Courtyard. From there they can travel to the existing Summit Academy which offers player customizations and to the Rumor Woods expansion area that offers the fox hunt, jousting, mounts with customizations, and mount specific gear.

Quest Info


Welcome to Rumor Woods and Summit Academy!

Changes continue to grace the grounds of Summit Academy, and this last year has been no different. While construction has been slow at the spire, improvements elsewhere on the grounds have been plentiful and are sure to delight adventurers of all backgrounds.

Join the Battle of the Coney and the Tortoise!

Joust for either side by entering The Lists, or you can hone in on your tracking skills at the Fox Hunt. Whichever activity you choose, there's bragging rights to be had and titles to be discovered!

New shops, new wares -- there's lots to see at Rumor Woods!

Summit Academy and its surrounding buildings are open to visitors. Customization Tokens can be purchased from the shop, "What Remains". Be sure to pick up a map of the new expansion area! You can find one at the Rumor Woods Junction on the stump.


Entry to Rumor Woods can be gained by purchasing a marker from the Simucoin store.

Item Simucoin Cost Description Object
Rumor Woods Entries (250 uses) 25,000 250 entries into Rumor Woods (jousting, fox hunt) A Circular Vaalin Sunburst Marker
Rumor Woods Entries (100 uses) 10,000 100 entries into Rumor Woods (jousting, fox hunt) A Circular Laje Sunburst Marker
Rumor Woods Entries (50 uses) 5,000 50 entries into Rumor Woods (jousting, fox hunt) A Circular Golden Sunburst Marker
Rumor Woods Entries (25 uses) 2,500 25 entries into Rumor Woods (jousting, fox hunt) A Circular Silver Sunburst Marker
Rumor Woods Entries (10 uses) 1,000 10 entries into Rumor Woods (jousting, fox hunt) A Circular Bronze Sunburst Marker
Rumor Woods Entries (1 uses) 100 1 entry into Rumor Woods (jousting, fox hunt) A Circular Tin Sunburst Marker


Downloadable map images with the exit marked are also available: Black-on-White GIF or White-on-Black GIF.

|       -=[  R U M O R     W O O D S  ]=-         | a Stones               |
|                                                 | b Path                 |
|   ~> Battle of the Coney & the Tortoise <~      | c Plum Yurt            |
|                                                 | d White Geteld         |
| * ASPEN GROVE * [a]                             | e Aspen Tavern Kitchen |
|                / |                              | f Sky Blue Tent        |
|     [b]-----[c]-[d]         [A]-[B]             | g Domed Enclosure      |
|      | \   / | / |         / | X | \            | h Dark Blue Yurt       |
|      |  [e]-[f]-[g]     [C]-[D]-[E]-[F]         | i Brown Tent           |
|      | / |   | / |     /               \        | j Aspen Tavern Commons |
|     [h]-[i]-[j]  |  [G]-[ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[H]     | k Steps                |
|    / | / | /   \ | /                       \    | l Hunter Green Geteld  |
| [k]-[l]-[m]-----[I]   * JOUSTING FIELDS *   [J] | m Domed Shelter        |
|                /   \                       /    | n The Gallant Groom    |
|             [n]     [K]-[ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[L]     |   The Spellsmith       |
|            /           \               /        |   What Remains         |
|         [o]             [M]-[N]-[O]-[P]         | o Poiret & Company     |
|        /                   \ | X | /            |   The Tartan Cloth     |
|     [p]                     [Q]-[R]        5120 |   Vaunt It & Flaunt It |
| A Flypaper Designers   | E Fanfare              | N Courtier's Retreat   |
|   Forge                |   Robes of Resistance  |   Roundabout Racers    |
|   Horsing Around       |   Sweetie Pies         | O Devout Alloy         |
|   Trim and Polish      | F In the Loop          |   Earthtones           |
| B Forge                |   Unfurling Battle     |   The Galloping Gait   |
|   The Knight Way       | G-H, K-L Viewing Stands| P Born to Adorn        |
|   Tourney Tents        | H Coney Lists          |   Braid & Mane         |
| C Container Yourself   | I Stump                |   Gifts Of Atan Irith  |
|   Horse Of A Different | K Tortoise Lists       | Q Grand Stable         |
|    Fashion             | L Mane & Tail Above    |   Quit Stallin         |
| D Irons In The Fire    |   Ostler's Den         |   Tortoise Enclosure   |
|   Mount'N'Cloak        | M Saddle Me Up         | R The Colorful Carapace|
|   Rollin' In The Greens|   Stick Your Nose In It|   The Gift Horse       |
|                        |   Tourney Shells       |   Grand Stable         |