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Chesylcha Sukari Faendryl was the daughter of Rythwier Sukari Faendryl, Patriarch XXXVII of House Faendryl.

In an attempt to bring peace between the Faendryl house and the other six Elven Houses, Rythwier proposed a marriage between Chesylcha and a prince from House Ashrim. In the year 157, on her voyage to House Ashrim, she disappeared without a trace. The night of her disappearance, her three sisters all bore witness to a vision of her being killed by a Nalfein assassin, killing her due to a secret alliance between House Nalfein and House Ashrim. In vengeance, Rythwier sent a fleet of ships bearing powerful mages to the islands of Ta'Ashrim, where it was completely destroyed.

Faendryl Bloodline
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
Rythwier Sukari Faendryl (Father) None Known

Behind the Scenes

Forehead Gems

Several forehead gems have been released in game with loresongs about the event. The gems were gifts for Chesylcha and her handmaidens on the occasion of her wedding. The puzzle box containing the Vvrael and Daephron Illian was also sent ahead to Ta'Ashrim as a wedding gift by an unknowing Faendryl. There was later a short-lived group named in her honor, House Chesylcha, composed of scholars dedicated to the cause of consilience of the Elven Empire. Trade routes and formal diplomatic relations soon opened with the Elven Nations.

Giantman Village

The old storyteller in the wandering giantman village tells the following story about Chesylcha:

The storyteller says, "Chesylcha Faendryl was a comely lass, even for one of the darker elven kind. Her hair was silver as moonlight, her skin the color of the sky on a moonless night. Her eyes looked like amethysts set in ebony. Of the four daughters borne to Rythwier Faendryl, she was the most fair."

The storyteller gestures. "The world knows what happened to the lovely dark elven princess. She perished on the sea, and what came after was the extinction of the Ashrim elves. Rumors still fly about Nalfein involvement...but was it the Nalfein, or someone else?"

The storyteller narrows his eyes, dropping his voice to a low tone. "The Nalfein are, of course, the obvious suspects. But what of the Grishknel Wolves? The clan is known to trade information, and other things, with the Nalfein elves. Perhaps the two connived to see the dark elven lady dead. Perhaps the Nalfein hired them to do their dirty work."

The storyteller leans forward, his voice nearly a whisper. "Or perhaps it was all the Grishknel's doing." With a slight, knowing smile, the storyteller leans back, his story complete.

Museum Artifact

[Museum Alerreth, History]
The marble walls are punctuated with several glass cases, each of which is set either above or below an inlaid copper strip. The metallic band stretches from the right to the left side of a copper-plated arch, circumnavigating the room in the process. A square tile of the same copper as the arch and timeline is inset into the center of the floor.
Obvious exits: none
>look seahorse (carved black jade seahorse)
The carved jade seahorse is so dark of a green as to be almost black.  Only in its thinnest places, along the edges of its paired fins, does the green color show true.  The creature's tail is silver and is tied round with an embroidered viridian ribbon.  Next to the seahorse is a small plaque.

>read seahorse
In the Common language, it reads:
This is an example of a public token distributed upon the engagement of Chesylcha, a daughter of the Faendryl Patriarch, to a member of the Ashrim royal family.  Such tokens were given out to celebrate the engagement, though the wearing of one was, at the time, a highly political statement.  The seahorse would have been worn on the left sleeve, pinned through the ribbon wrapped around its tail.  Few of these tokens survived the subsequent Faendryl-Ashrim War.  This piece is a donation from the Gael family.