House of Ashrim

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House of Ashrim
Crest an aquamarine wavecrest on a field of white
Jewel emerald (green)
Statement "Masters of the sea."
Founder Bhoreas Ashrim
Ruler None

The House of Ashrim was one of seven houses of elves that made up the ancient Elven Empire. The city of Ta'Ashrim was lost to sea, taking with it the majority, if not all, elves of the House of Ashrim.

The events that led to its destruction are known as the Sea Elf War.

Behind the Scenes

Memorial, Vaeshean Wey in Ta'Illistim

[Ta'Illistim, Vaeshean Wey]
Set against the high city wall is a large marble relief.  A neatly arranged bed of sea glass, driftwood and tumbled shells surrounds the base of the tripartite display.   You also see a vine-covered lattice archway.
Obvious paths: east, south

>look relief
A massive slab of white marble, surrounded by a verdigris frame, is segmented into three distinct panels and carved in high relief.  The first panel depicts the shipyards of Ta'Ashrim in their glory.  Countless shipwrights toil away on slender vessels, all in varying stages of construction.  Rising high behind the scene is the Ta'Ashrim Keep, its banner flying proudly in the wind.  The second panel, set centrally, shows a fleet of three Ashrim ships locked in battle with pirates.  Of the triad, the flagship has ensnared the pirate vessel, allowing sea elves to pour over the rails of the enemy vessel in a show of force.  The third and final panel is somber.  A single body is carried by his fellows to the sea, where a floating pyre awaits.  One member of each elven House -- Ardenai, Illistim, Loenthra, Nalfein and Vaalor, looks on in grief and mourning.  The frame that encompasses all three panels is etched with wavecrests and marked with small characters.

>read relief
In the Elven language, it reads:

In consolation, we turn to the sea
whose wavecrests cradle them
our dead, our lost
our brothers and sisters
the Ashrim are gone but not forgotten

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