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Ashrim Isles map by Alosaka's player. Includes non-canon, player-created lore and history.

Ta'Ashrim, home of the House of Ashrim, was one of the seven original elven city-states. It was destroyed by the House of Faendryl during the Sea Elf War in the year 157 Modern Era, approximately five thousand years before the present time.

The city was founded in year 990 of the Elven Calendar (48,117 years before the Modern Era) by Bhoreas Ashrim on the largest of the Ashrim Isles, a series of islands lying off the southeastern coast of Elanith. Other nearby islands included Tashel, Angral, and Aelv. The watery expanse between the Ashrim Isles and the southern tip of Elanith was named the Gulf of Bhoreas.

There are few available records about the precise layout and size of Ta'Ashrim. In written accounts of the attack, it took about twenty minutes for the Faendryl mages to fight their way from the harbor to the royal palace, so the city would likely not have been too expansive.

After the attack, most of the isles sank into the sea, and new krags rose out of the water. Spectres and shadows drawn from other planes fed on the spirits of the fallen. The flows of magic were disrupted, leaving the area vulnerable to further tears in the veil between valences. Weather patterns across the southern half of the continent were deeply altered and remain so to the present day.


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