Grishknel Wolf Clan

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"a dark glaes armband"
You see a slim glaes armband, stained to a dark color. Etched into the center of the band is a small picture of an amber-eyed wolf shrouded in a shadowy forest. Lightly engraved lettering below the picture says "Grishknel Wolf Clan".


This somewhat broody clan is most well known for its scouts and rogues. The mental image of a giantman sneaking anywhere may be difficult, but you probably wouldn't be able to see a hiding member of this clan in an open field until they tapped you on the shoulder. This clan is most often employed in the quiet garnering of information and setting ambushes.

Brief History/Notes

This clan formed early on in the Second Age from members of the T'Kirem clan. Their first chieftain, Baklarin, took those who favored stealth instead of toe-to-toe fighting and moved them to the southern tip of the DragonSpine mountains. This location gave them ample space to practice the art of stealth, and to begin to gain power through the trade of information with Ta'Nalfein.

The Wolf Clan also specializes in stealth and mechanical aptitude, thus giving rogues precedence in its ranks. Others displaying the proper skills of hiding & stalking are allowed, but it is no secret that rogues are the favored class here.

The storyteller in the giantman village relays a story about this clan:

The storyteller says, "If you'd like a tale, I have one to tell you about the Grishknel Wolf Clan and their friends, the Nalfein."
The storyteller says, "No one will ever tell you straight out that the Wolves and the Nalfein are in cahoots. They'll tell you they trade in information, or that the proximity of their cities makes keeping relations friendly essential. But rumor and hearsay will tell you a different story entirely."
The storyteller's voice is distant, as if pondering. "Jasdurel Burzost, emperor of the human empire, perished under suspicious circumstances. Some say he was assassinated. But by whom? Certainly the Nalfein are suspect, as they always are. If they were indeed responsible for the human leader's death, did they act alone?"
The storyteller smiles slyly. "Often, with the Nalfein come the Grishknel. Again, nothing is truly known, but the harrying of the human supply wagons during their conflict with the Nalfein elves definitely had all the signs of a Wolf Clan operation."
The storyteller wags a finger warningly. "No one may ever know. But certainly, I would not anger one...for the other may come to call."


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