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Chiseled is the name of a game that first appeared at Briarmoon Cove in 2016. Players could spend 1000 silvers to purchase a chisel to create an ice sculpture, the quality of which would determine which tier of prize would be rewarded.


[Briarmoon Cove, Chiseled]
Foot-wide blocks of ice are neatly stacked to form makeshift walls around a small rocky area at the edge of the seaside cove.  Vibrant blue hues of the bay's water bleed through the nearly translucent ice perimeter, and frequent gusts of brisk air from the ocean causes a string of multicolored flags to flap relentlessly against its fury.  A burly sailor dressed in blue and white stands behind a large rock-carved table displaying a basket of chisels.  You also see a large wooden crate and a frost-edged sign.

Playing the Game

>get chisel
You head toward the basket of chisels and a white-robed artisan approaches you, holding out a hand and demanding 1000 silver.
You hand over the coins.

You select a suitable chisel after considering your options carefully.  With a steady hand, you chop away at the large block of ice, transparent slivers flying through the air!

Once finished, you cautiously back away from the table and ponder your creation.  Perched in the center of the table is a chiseled ice tree.
Roundtime: 10 sec.

A white-robed artisan glances at a chiseled ice tree and hands you a glass jar filled with dead fireflies.  She shoves your masterpiece off the table, and a fresh block of ice is quickly placed in its spot.

Carving Tiers

  • Pile of Crushed Ice
  • An Ice Tree
  • An Ice Sword
  • An Ice Rolton
  • An Ice Dragon


Tier 1

  • moldy Pinecone
  • half eaten blueberry tart
  • glass jar filled with dead fireflies
  • black speckled quill
  • clump of dried moss
  • Miniature Ice Pick

Tier 2

  • An icicle-shaped lockpick - ora lockpick
  • Frosty Blue Crystal - same as a blue crystal, contains Spirit Strike (117)
  • A gold dragon-shaped frosting tip
  • long metal swatter
  • maoral-handled silver comb
  • shimmering red and gold wand

Tier 3

  • A silver ring topped with an obsidian disc - contains Floating Disk, ~4 charges, not rechargeable
  • A star-shaped pin decorated with yellow diamonds - contains Elemental Defense I (401)
  • A wide-lipped copper glass vial - 2 doses of shimmery cobalt dye
  • an off-shoulder emerald silk gown edged in vaalin threading

Tier 4

  • Double-horned dark mithril helm - Scripted for wear and remove
  • Onyx wand - wand combiner
  • some black leather gloves with golvern knuckle rivets - handworn, Disarm Enhancement, several charges; +1 Picking Locks, persists
  • a slender mesille runestaff wrapped with azure silk ribbons - 3x, ice flares
  • a royal blue cape adorned with shimmery silver snowflakes - cloakworn, +1 Survival, persists, very resistant to frigid attacks
  • a braided crown of twine and ivy - headworn, Mystic Focus, 5 charges, crumbly
  • a multicolored woven yarn wristband - wristworn, Mass Colors, few charges, persists
  • a dainty bluebird feather - Relieve Burden, few charges, crumbly

Tier 5

  • Tier 4 Forest Armor
  • a basket with runestones - locked to be useable by characters of the Giantman race only
  • an enruned gold and kelyn ring - unnavvable gold ring
  • Fully unlocked Xojium Robes
  • Fireball Ring
  • Chronomage Dagger