Cidolfhus Pollendina

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Cidolfhus Pollendina
Gender male
Race human
Profession Pirate
Specialty ClimateWear
Pelt Bag
Pirate Harness
Pirate props
Venue Festivals
Status active

Cidolfhus Pollendina is a pirate merchant. He seemingly took over for the pirate, Vahmyr Hiwynd, after the latter's demise.


You see Cidolfhus Pollendina the Famed Pirate of the Great Western Sea.
He appears to be a Human.
He is tall and appears to be advanced in years.  He has glaring cerulean eyes and dusky skin.  He has short, raggedly cut grey-blond hair left in an unruly state.  He has a scruffy face.  He has a scraggly goatee braided into various lengths.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a pair of leather goggles, a steel blue woolen frock coat, an iron-studded shoulder guard made of articulated leather scales slung over his shoulder, a salt-stained leather bandolier over a shirt of hardened scales, a pair of brown leather gauntlets, an ornate leather vambrace, a chain-affixed steel scabbard, some dark green linen breeches, and a pair of brown leather boots.

Behind the Scenes

Cidolfhus is one of the many merchants run by Gamemaster Wyrom.