Citadel Garrison

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The Citadel Garrison was the garrison of the armed forces of the Citadel, a holdout of the Kannalan Empire and Kingdom of Elanith after their collapse.

The Garrison was located on the north side of the Citadel compound and was four floors. The bottom floor housed the kitchen and mess, as well as the room of the Commander of the forces. The next three floors houses the six companies of the Citadel, which were divided into light and heavy units. After the fall of the Citadel in 4058, M.E., the garrison was abandoned all but for the slain dead. It eventually became haunted by spectral warriors, who remained there ever since.


  • Before spectral warriors took up residence in the Garrison, it was home to greater orcs and large ogres. When the undead moved in, the orcs and ogres were forced to relocate to the Citadel Armory located nearby.

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