Cleric Guild (Ta'Illistim)

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The Ta'Illistim Cleric Guild is located down a stone path just north of the entrance to Gyldemar Green.

This guild differs from the other Cleric Guild locations in that there are no holy shrines located within. There are gardens with tokens representing each arkati or spirit; however, none of the gardens are holy shrines.

There is also no Cleric Guild shop, only an alchemy store.


Guild Master

Khelorof is the Guild Master of the Ta'Vaalor Cleric Guild.

Training Administrator

Altinar is the Training Administrator of the Ta'Vaalor Cleric Guild.

Training Masters

The names of the Master Hierophants of the Ta'Vaalor Cleric Guild are Jzena, Ariahm, Hysadi, Zicytr and Orslaine.


Ta'Illistim Cleric Guild Map

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