Cleric Guild (Ta'Vaalor)

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The Ta'Vaalor Cleric Guild is located through an ornate silver gate at the north end of Shimaerslin Wey.

Cleric Guild shop

The Ta'Vaalor Cleric Guild shop is located in a small ivory-walled shop just to the north of the entrance gate.

Item Description Price Location Capacity Weight Special Ability
an onyx-inlaid lustrous white tablet 18150 <2
a small cerulean marble tablet 18150 <2
an azure lapis lazuli tablet 18150 <2
a large mottled crimson tablet 18150 <2 Prayer to Kai
a regal golden stone tablet 18150 <2 Prayer to Koar
some white onyx-inlaid prayerbeads 3025 neck <2
some golden crown-shaped prayerbeads 3025 neck <2
some crimson silver-chased prayerbeads 3025 neck <2
some pale white blazestar-inset prayerbeads 3025 neck <2
a silver-twined deep crimson chalice 42350 <2
a lustrous gold sunburst-inlaid chalice 42350 <2
a shield-inlaid slender onyx chalice 42350 <2
a white-gold crown-inset chalice 42350 <2
a faceted azure blazestar chalice 42350 <2
a silver-bound vivid scarlet prayerbook 24200 VSA <2
a gold-paged sky blue prayerbook 24200 VSA <2
an ora-inlaid dark onyx prayerbook 24200 VSA <2
an ivory-inset pale blue prayerbook 24200 VSA <2
a silver-spined vivid crimson prayerbook 24200 VSA <2
Item Description Price Type Enchant Weight Special Abilities
a somber black white-sleeved cassock 36300 Robe Armor 8
a white-chased deep blue cassock 36300 Robe Armor 8
a gold-chased pure white cassock 36300 Robe Armor 8
a gold-chased sky blue cassock 36300 Robe Armor 9
a silver-chased vivid crimson cassock 36300 Robe Armor 9
Note: All prices were gathered by a Human Cleric. Actual prices may vary.

On the round table you see a cup of fragrant herbal tea, a glass of deep crimson wine, a loaf of dark wheat bread and a grilled lake trout.


Guild Master

Fenira is the Guild Master of the Ta'Vaalor Cleric Guild.

Guild Master Fenira is a smooth-skinned elf, her thin, sharp features accented by the narrow angles of the brilliant silver-plated armor she wears. Dark blue eyes are set underneath her thinly arched brows, lending an air of calculating quickness to her gaze. Her hair is tied back in an intricate braid, while an ornately-carved ivory sheath hangs at her belt.

Training Administrator

Kylamus is the Training Administrator of the Ta'Vaalor Cleric Guild.

Training Masters

The names of the Master Hierophants of the Ta'Vaalor Cleric Guild are Wocabes, Ezalaina, Riqriarn, Roscethia and Divogme.


Ta'Vaalor Cleric Guild Map