Colorful Malghavan wool cloak

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a colorful Malghavan wool cloak


Earthy brown and rich purple-dyed wool have been woven together to create a wide plaid pattern, with thin stripes of crimson and gold to add some contrast. The material is very soft, a combination of fine combing and carding in the early stages of preparation, and the aging of the garment. Fashioned into a simple but stylish cloak, a carved amethyst thistle clasp fastens high along the shoulder, aiding against the harsher elements.


No other details are known.


A sweeping view sails by, within your mind, filling your vision with low rolling hills of verdant green. Acres teem with grazing sheep and goats, while horses gallop in the open fields. Wildflowers of every hue dot the landscape with a myriad of color.

Your song melds with the singing of others. Halfling folk corral the wooly critters, their cheerful work songs making the chore move along quickly as they usher the beasts into shearing pens. The men wrestle the creatures and shave off their fur, then the women gather the fuzzy piles into baskets and cart them off to the spinning room.

The vision slowly spirals in on an area where carding the wool and spinning it out into threads is in full motion, many hands making for less work. Small vats of dye sit off to one side, awaiting the finished product.

Skeins of colorful wool dry on a wooden rack in the sun, vibrant and rich, uniquely specific to the Malghavan halflings. Some skeins are sorted into boxes and prepared for shipping to merchants. Others find their way quickly to the loom workroom, where the wools are blended into patterns for scarves, cloaks, and other garments. Finishers sit upon stools and check the goods for quality before placing them in the marketing bins.