Consultation Lounge

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The Consultation Lounge is a room in-game where characters are sent for a variety of reasons which could include:

  • Your character is corrupt.
  • You used a kill switch and slammed when being tested against a POLICY 18 violation.
  • You have something in your inventory that will cause problems during normal gameplay.
  • Something about your character data is wrong and will cause problems if you interact with certain systems.
  • You violated another policy or there is a severe situation going on with your account.
  • A GameMaster needs to interact with you in private.

Being sent to the lounge due to character corruption is the game engine automatically handling this. You typically can find out if this is the case by typing STAT, SKILL, or INV to see if anything is weird.

POLICY REVIEW might help to determine why you are in the lounge, in case you were unresponsive during the final bits of a POLICY 18 check, but typically warnings are not handed out until you have been talked to.

[Consultation Lounge]
The cozy surroundings of this simple conference room provide a much-welcomed respite from the chaos just outside its walls.  You notice several plush chairs arranged casually around the room in a comfortable grouping.
Obvious exits: none.


ATTENTION: The system has detected that your character has been corrupted.  You have been moved to a Consultation Lounge as a safety measure.  If a GM is not available to speak with you, please send an email note to feedback inquiring about your character.  We will work on getting your character restored to normal ASAP.  Thanks for your cooperation.

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