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Coral Villa is a private property located in the southeastern corner of the Eastern Waterways of the Isle of the Four Winds.

Koops won the Villa at auction for 150 million.

This information about Coral Villa was gained on a Tour of Eastern Harbor during the 2010 Mist Harbor Summer Street Festival prior to the first owner taking possession. Any changes made by the first owner are not reflected below. There will be some MINOR customizing allowed, mostly in the name of colors and food items. When creating Coral Villa, GM Thandiwe said that she worked hard to keep a basic, neutral island tone. The area is surrounded by indigenous plants and the items within are made of natural materials.

Coral Island offers the following amenities:

The sprawling villa located on the island has:

There is also a pet cat!

Monthly rent for this propery will be 75,000 silvers.

Public Docks

[Coral Island, Dock]
Hugging the edge of a tiny cove, the dock follows the narrow jetty that protects the inlet's waters from maritime traffic and the native aquatic life. Several whitewashed pedal boats bob up and down with the rhythmic pulsing of the tide from where they are anchored to pillions along the edge of the wooden protrusion. Meandering through the sun-dappled verdant foliage along the northern edge, a slender shell-lined walkway provides access to the distant villa.

You see some verdant foliage. Ranging in height, the foliage that spreads across the island is verdant and filled with all manner of fruits, berries, and flowers. While some of the ground-hugging plants are tied back by thin strips of hemp, the larger plants have been allowed to grow free without any restrictions. Looking at the foliage, you see a towering verdant papaya tree, a slender guava tree and a leafy persimmon tree.

Crowned with large, verdant green leaves, the papaya tree stretches towards the sky. Beneath the spindled branches tiny white blossoms cling close to the bark, while beneath them, hanging fat and plump, are lumpy-skinned yellow papayas. On the verdant papaya tree you see a plump yellow papaya and a delicate and tiny papaya blossom.

Rising from a tall, spindled trunk, the branches of the tree spread outward to form a canopy of bright green teardrop-shaped leaves. Mixed in equal portions long the verdant upper branches are guava fruits and blossoms.

On the guava tree you see a white guava blossom and a small rough-rined guava. Broad leaves decorate the numerous spindled branches that arc outward from the thick, speckled and gnarled trunk of the tree. Tiny waxy white flowers are nestled amid several of the emerald green leaves, while plump orange plump orange persimmons weigh down many of the thin branches.

You gingerly pluck a plump yellow papaya from one of the branches of the tree, which snaps back and bounces in place for several seconds.

Public Lawns

[Coral Island, Yard]
Warm sunlight trickles through the verdant foliage that surrounds the large manicured lawn, which in turn sprawls before a stone and white stucco villa. Crushed shells, their mother-of-pearl bellies reflecting in the golden light, decorate the slender walkway that travels between the villa's entry and the distant dock. Large planters, crafted of dark green bamboo, are set beneath the building's windows, each supporting a wide variety of tropical flowers.

In the dark bamboo planters you see an orange and red crane flower, a plum-throated niveous crane flower, a fuzzy pale pink fairy blossom and a waxy verdant green anthurium.

You see some verdant foliage. Ranging in height, the foliage that spreads across the island is verdant and filled with all manner of fruits, berries, and flowers. While some of the ground-hugging plants are tied back by thin strips of hemp, the larger plants have been allowed to grow free without any restrictions. Looking at the foliage, you see a woody twining kiwi vine, a spined dragon fruit vine and a wide-leafed passion flower vine.

Private Beach

[Coral Island, Private Beach]
Protected on three sides by high, rocky protrusions, the beach has brilliant white sands that fall away from surf that gently laps at the shore. Several white wooden beach chairs are scattered across the area and positioned to face the swimming area. A white picket fence stretches along the edges of the area creating a barrier between the garden, which can be accessed by a white picket gate, and the recreational area. A deep hole filled with pale white sand rests in the shade of the fence and has a small wooden sign half-buried next to it.

Ilsola says, "Here we have the private beach area."

Ilsola says, "There are about eight chairs ...."

Ilsola says, "And you can SWIM the SURF to the swimming area."

You notice someone swimming easily towards the shore, in a moment Anjel steps out of the surf shaking water from her frame.

J>look at area
High rocky protrusions filter the water of the harbor as it strives for the white sands of the cove's beach. Forming a rough circle, the tiny swimming area appears to be the result of a great force of nature, such as a meteor striking the harbor and causing a bowl to be formed. Water gently flows into the bowl, but aquatic life and debris is unable to flow past the protective ring.

The following was removed before Dergoatean became the owner of Coral Villa

J>read sign

In the Common language, it reads:

~*~ Fun with sand ~*~
We found treasures in here, you should try to find some too!

Ilsola says, "Oh yes, and a small respository of strange items in the sand."

Ilsola says, "Just TAKE a handful of SAND until you dig through."

Ilsola says, "Only about once a day. Some items have spells in them. Others can have spells put in them. There are about twenty different things."

J>look at sand
Disturbed from recent digging, the sand is pale white and scattered half in and half out of the hole. Objects, barely visible in the depths, tantalize with their promise of greatness near the bottom.

a compressed rough sand rune a red sea glass statue a pale brown wood goblet
a sandy oatmeal raisin cookie a bejeweled starfish statue - a yellowed ivory skeleton key an amber bracelet a chipped rough coral statue

Private Swimming Area

The area was once struck by a meteor, forming a nice bowl to serve as a private swimming area.

Private Garden

[Coral Island, Garden]
Surrounded by a white picket fence, the garden has a spacious, manicured lawn. Cultivated flowers climb trellises along the edge of the villa and frame a whitewashed knotty oak door. Teak benches are recessed amid bushes near a white picket gate that leads to the beach. Scattered throughout the garden are blown glass humming bird feeders and quiescent witch-balls that shimmer in the sunlight.

Ilsola says, "Here we have the small garden."

Sunlight kisses the verdant green leaves of the bush, which is entwined in the white picket fence. Several flowers decorate the spindled limbs, though the most noticeable are a pink-edged bright white hibiscus and a frill-hearted bright violet hibiscus.

Shadows play across the polished teak of the trellis, though half the structure is illuminated by the sunlight that slips through the foliage. Slender tendrils wrap around the various slats, each culminating in either a star-shaped niveous clematis or a star-shaped dark purple clematis.

>look at feeder
Kidney-shaped orbs of blown glass form decorative hummingbird feeders that range in hue from dark blues to vibrant reds and brilliant yellows. Tiny copper nozzles set into their ends drip amber-hued nectars onto the cultivated lawn, and have drawn the attention of tiny black ants.

Ilsola says, "At night the witch-balls are lighted to provide the garden with illumination."

>look at witch-ball
Crafted of blown glass, the piece is a smooth cerulean globe with a slender swirl at its crown that forms a solid ring. Tiny air bubbles captured within the surface and skeins of cobalt blue glass threads passing through the heart of the globe to create an intricate web make it a truly unique example of the craft. A narrow silver ribbon winds its way through the solid glass ring at the top, and attaches the piece to a rope that houses other quiescent orbs.

Ilsola says, "The bench will accomodate four."

Master Bedroom

[Coral Island, Master Bedroom]
Cool blue stucco decorates the walls of the room above the tongue-in-groove wainscoting that is painted serene white. Twin glassless windows, framed in sheer gauze, provide an excellent view of the sunlit garden while the opposing wall supports a golden linden door. A painted silk privacy screen is arranged in one corner and offers the occupants a discrete place to disrobe or freshen up. Positioned beneath gauzy mosquito netting, a four-poster golden linden bed covered with soft white linens is flanked on the right by a tall golden linden table, while at its foot rests a decorative golden linden cassone.

Ilsola says, "Here we have the master bedroom."

The bed is fitted with a comforter and a sheet. There are pillows that can be removed, but they can tear when waved around.

J>look at bed
Flanked by carved banisters, the headboard has a fine patina upon it that enhances the natural golden grains of the linden used in its crafting. Matching it in every way, the footboard differs in size only. Thick down mattresses are covered by layers of white cotton sheets and a plump white cotton comforter, while blue silk pillows piled at the head of the bed offer additional comfort.

On the golden linden bed you see a plump white cotton comforter, a set of bright white cotton sheets and a pile of blue silk pillows.

>look at screen
Supported by a frame of dark green bamboo, the screen is fashioned of three panels of white watered silk. Painted images of crane flowers decorate the first and third section, while the center depicts a tropical beach beneath a moonlit sky. Behind the screen, a tall spindle-limbed table sports a small blue sea glass wash basin beside a stack of plush white hand towels, while a lidless white wicker hamper filled with an array of clothing rests nearby.

J>look behind screen
Behind the silk privacy screen you see a tall spindle-limbed table and a square white wicker hamper.

J>look on table
On the spindle-limbed table you see a plush white hand towel and a small blue sea glass wash basin.

Crafted of sea glass, the wash basin is shallow and smooth. Tiny bubbles appear within the depths of the construction that accent the aquatic hue of the piece.

Ilsola lightly taps the edge of the basin and you hear the sound of gurgling water.

You bring the soft fabric of the towel to your face and gentle scrub it across your skin in slow circles.

You vigorously scrub at your neck and behind your ears withthe soft fabric in an attempt to get clean.

J>look at net
Set upon an umbrella frame, the gauzy white netting is attached to a hook at the ceiling and cascades in gentle folds to the floor on either side of a four-poster golden linden bed. Each of the four posters draws the light material away from bed and prevents tangling should the occupants wish to sit or recline against the headboard. Arranged to provide the best protection against, without constricting the flow of air, the netting pools in puddles of fabric upon the floor and can easily be repositioned as the need arises.

J>look on table
On the golden linden table you see a seashell and red sea glass candleholder and a small felt-lined box.

Ilsola says, "The cassone holds a decent amount and locks with this key."

J>look at cassone
Silver-painted gilt creates decorative filigree along the top and sides of the golden linden cassone. Two panels decorate the front and back of the piece, each housing an intricate painting of a tropical island. In one image, the island is shown at twilight, while the other depicts the island at dawn.

Ilsola says, "The window has an excellent view of the garden."

Guest Quarters

[Coral Island, Guest Bedroom]
Large glassless windows surrounded by gauzy drapes decorate three of the rooms for green stucco walls, while the fourth houses an open whitewashed door that leads into the kitchen. Two mosquito nets occupy the northeastern and northwestern corners of the room and are each suspended over a narrow knotty oak bed and a narrow whitewashed bed. Sharing a space between the two beds, a long golden linden table is draped with a fine white linen cloth and houses candleholders and vases on its smooth surface.
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Obvious exits: none

Ilsola says, "Tidy beds, each can fit one."

Ilsola pulls the comforters tightly across the bed, smoothing out any wrinkles.

Ilsola says, "They have coverings for those cold nights."

On the knotty oak bed you see a pile of white and blue comforters.

Ilsola grasps the comforters tightly, pulling them up to her neck.

Ilsola says, "There should be a steady supply."

Ilsola reaches out and touches something in a small felt-lined box.

On the golden linden table you see a small felt-lined box and a smooth round maple candleholder.

In the felt-lined box you see a thin white candle.

Ilsola says, "The table will also hold other small items."

Ilsola carefully places her white candle on a smooth round maple candleholder.

Ilsola lights the white candle, which flickers and begins to burn.


[Coral Island, Kitchen] Red stucco meets white wainscoting to create a warm and bright kitchen that is illuminated by the golden sunlight that spills through the glassless windows. Standing on opposite sides of the room, an open knotty oak door leads to a small garden, while an open whitewashed door provides access to the villa's guestroom. Positioned beneath an enormous lantern, a large round maple table topped with bowls and platters is surrounded by long wooden benches and round maple chairs.

Ilsola says, "Here we have the kitchen."

Ilsola says, "The bench will hold four and there are four more chairs, which allows eight to eat comfortably."

Ilsola says, "It is well stocked, but negotiations can be made for other varities."

On the round maple table you see a bird's-eye maple bowl, a polished bamboo tray and a long sterling silver tray.

In the maple bowl you see a slice of toasted brown bread, a plump poppy and lemon muffin, a handful of sugary almond brittle and a half and half chocolate cookie.

On the bamboo tray you see a glass of rich nut and berry liqueur, a glass of fruity rum punch, some Vornavian orange juice and a glass of spring water.

On the sterling silver tray you see a crispy round clam cake, a crabmeat and cheese stuffed mushroom-cap, a tossed cashew chicken salad, a buttered and crosshatched potato, a pepper and mushroom kabob, an egg and spinach pasta frittata, some lemon and garlic sauteed shrimp, a tossed cashew chicken salad and an olive and cucumber sandwich.

Under the round maple table you see a painted white porcelain saucer.

In the white porcelain saucer you see a puddle of milk.

Ilsola says, "The window provides a view of the garden."

Living Room

[Coral Island, Living Room]
Polished white birch floors support the tongue-in-groove wainscoting that rises to mid wall before giving way to pristine white stucco. Gauze-framed windows occupy the space to either side of a wide cobalt blue entry, while the northern wall is decorated with a plethora of paintings that surround a golden linden door. The eastern wall houses a flagstone fireplace topped with a smooth maple mantle. Arranged in social circles at the heart of the room, a pair of white wicker chairs faces a two-cushioned loveseat over the broad expanse of a low glass-topped table. You also see a dusty river reed basket filled with sticks.

The table provides some refreshments and can hold nicknacks, but the mantle can as well. The living room has room for four on the loveseat and two chairs..."

Ilsola takes a seat on the white wicker chair. [changes the room Also Here: to Lady Ilsola who is sitting on a white wicker chair]

Ilsola stands up off of the chair.

The fireplace is functional:

J>look at fireplace
You see a neatly laid out pile of wood and tinder waiting only the application of flame to come to life. Nearby is a small basket with sticks of wood, ready to be used to light the fire or to keep it burning.

Ilsola breaks a stick into pieces and tosses them into the fireplace.
Ilsola just grabbed a wooden stick from the basket of sticks.
Ilsola takes some wooden sticks and places them in the fireplace. Using two of the smaller pieces, she rubs them until a tiny flame bursts out. Placing the burning twigs among the prepared wood, she blows gently on them until the flames spread and grow.


Ilsola says, "Now, he's hiding now, but there is a cat that lives here as well."

Ilsola says, "And he is very friendly."

Ilsola says, "He's also a bit of a mouser and will keep the garden free of mice."

The cat can be named by the owner, and will befriend the owner and one other person. The owner can teach the cat a few unique tricks. The cat is similar to the other two cats in the Eastern Harbor.