Cordwainer's Muse

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Cordwainer's Muse is the cobbling shop in Nielira Harbor.

[Cordwainer's Muse] RNUM: 33898
Jewel-toned swathes of fabric are draped across the jade-washed stucco walls of the shop, the brocades and laces entwined with chain-strung faerthiel in accompanying colors. Wrought pewter brackets loft cases in vertical rows against the back wall, the footwear displayed behind panes of glass set before the ivy-curtained counter covered in dye swatches. A lace-appliqued shoe form stands nestled in the far corner, its surface covered in silk-petaled naefira trailing down toward the planked floor.


Welcome to Cordwainer's Muse!

Cordwainer Aiwin Traoris offers his Catalog to browse.
Aiwin Traoris exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a bolt of devore velvet            14. some honed malachite claws
  2. a bolt of lace-appliqued chiffon   15. some moss agate ivy leaves
  3. a bolt of nacre velvet             16. some nephrite glass scales
  4. a bolt of rose-incised leather     17. some tiny gilded talons
  5. a bolt of sea silk                 18. some tiny vert jade thorns
  6. a bolt of shot silk                19. a pair of angular faenor plates
  7. a bolt of sun-washed silk          20. a pair of ebony leather plates
  8. a bolt of watercolored silk        21. a pair of geometric gold plates
  9. a vial of olivine dye              22. a pair of latticed suede plates
  10. a vial of pale tea green dye      23. a pair of ivy-tangled heels
  11. a vial of smoky merlot dye        24. a pair of silk-bowed ebon heels
  12. a vial of wine-dark dye           25. a pair of vellum-layered heels
  13. some clustered jade grapes        26. a pair of vine-spiraled heels

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