Corleo's Cartography

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Corleo's Cartography is a Premium Home Wall Hanging shop in Icemule Trace. It sells a variety of maps.

[Corleo's Cartography]
Thousands of scrolls sit neatly in an oversized bookshelf, each neatly placed in its own beautifully lacquered pigeonhole and clearly labelled. A drawing table erected in the corner has a piece of fresh clean parchment tacked to it, and several pots of tightly closed ink sit nearby, ready for use. A huge skylight above showers the small, clean shop with soft light. You also see a variety of handdrawn maps, a neatly lettered sign and Abia Corleo.


      Price  Item
1.)   92000  an explorer's map of Glatoph
2.)   48000  a map of Wehnimer's Landing
3.)   38000  a map of Icemule Trace
4.)  118000  an explorer's map of Pinefar
5.)   42000  a map of Kharam-Dzu
6.)  275000  an illumined map of Elanthia
7.)   86000  a framed map of Icemule Trace
8.)  160000  an explorer's map of Thatoph
9.)  590000  an engraved rhimar map of Icemule Trace
10.)  45000  a map of River's Rest
11.)  56000  a map of Yuriqen
12.)  32000  a map of Elanthia
13.)  78000  a framed map of Elanthia