Corryn's Board and Panel

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Corryn's Board and Panel is a Premium Home Wall shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located east and two south of the main entrance to the Teras premium furniture emporium.

[Corryn's Board and Panel] RNUM: 12441
Polished gold candelabras and elegant crystal chandeliers lend plenty of light to the many three-walled mock-up rooms that comprise this large establishment. Each room displays how well the proprietor's products integrate with other stylish home furnishings. A large music box fills the room with cheery sounds as its windup key slowly turns. Several clerks in matching aprons dash this way and that, each with a customer in tow, while rattling off the features and specifications of the merchandise. You also see a variety of wooden wall samples and Corryn.


      Price  Item
1.)  100000  an unfinished pine board wall
2.)  120000  a sanded driftwood wall
3.)   92000  a worn bamboo wall
4.)  310000  a brightly painted cedar wall
5.)  110000  a roughly cut cherrywood wall
6.)  340000  a glossy black walnut wall
7.)  450000  a lightly stained monir wall
8.)  120000  a sturdy pale birch wall
9.)   82000  a rotten thanot wall
10.) 230000  a cedar shingle wall
11.) 150000  a stained mahogany wall
12.) 280000  a dark polished modwir wall
13.) 320000  a hand-tinted haon wall