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Charna's Companion, Cosain.

Cosain, the ever faithful companion of Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav, is a large-pawed dusky mastiff. He bears a ragged patch on his right ear where a Shan ranger tore into him during his earlier ears as a hunter.

  • Cosain is a Sylvan word meaning Guard according to Charna, though she admits she could be pronouncing it wrong.


You see a fairly typical dusky mastiff. He appears to be in good shape. He has a verdant twining vine collar (worn).

Although the mastiff is obviously closely related to his domestic cousins, his powerful muscles and the scarred patch on his right ear speak to a far wilder lifestyle. Nevertheless, his large cocoa brown eyes sparkle with intelligence and mischief, and his tongue lolls out of his mouth in a cheerful fashion. Despite being rather scruffy, his fur is free from briars and burrs. A few rust-red spots mark the mastiff's deep greyish-brown coat, with the spots growing most dense around his oversized paws.