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Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav
Charna as rendered by Rinika Tsui
Race Half-elf
Culture Talador
Class Ranger
Profession Seer
Religion Zelian under both the protections of the moons and Gosaena
Affiliation(s) Allies of the Grey, Cairnfang Manor
Disposition Reservedly Neutral
Demeanor Wary
Flaw Her Memory of Pain is Long,

"The Sight Belongs to No One and Everyone"

Greatest Strength Curiosity, Fierce Determination, Loyalty, and

her Belief in Balance

Greatest Weakness The Darkness, it always calls to her
Hobbies Scrying, Fletching,

Weaving her Ribbon Ladders

Dislikes Betrayal of any kind to any person or ideal, betrayal of faith
Loyalties Matriarch, Zelia, Gosaena,

The Truth of the Sight & Its Gifts to All

Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav is a citizen of 'Haven who writes stories and poems about life in Elanthia. She has a friend named Cosain that is her constant companion. She is a Seer by profession.

Youngest of five, Charna is the child of a sylvan woman named Saofria and a human Taladorian man that Charna never knew. She was raised by her three oldest brothers – Fleckle, Drigore and Ghrym – in the town of Icemule Trace. At age 16 she met her brother Nyrithorn for the first time, and the two have an odd relationship.

After leaving Icemule Trace, shortly after meeting her brother Nyrithorn, Charna was taken under the wing of Lady Songie Fillee – the Matriarch of Oleani’s Temple in Solhaven, and learned to shed much of her wild, boyish nature. As the years progressed she was adopted as a child of Wulfhen and Laleena.

She once held the postion of Co-Secretary to Willow Hall, Captain of the Fighting forces of H.E.R.T., Head Scryvner of the Free Holders, Co-Secretary of Cairnfang Manor and Head Gypsy of the Gypsy Troupe.

Charna has since abandoned all of those titles and simply wanders the lands with her companion Cosain; her eyes on the moons, her fingers touching a key, and her spirit bound to a scythe.

One day, she hopes to finish weaving her ribbon ladder and that it will be long enough to let her climb to the Constellation of the Handmaidens so that she can take her place among her sisters.

Charna as rendered by Tymelorde


You see Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav.

She appears to be a Half-Elf from Talador.

She appears to be very young and shorter than average. She has expressive, ebon-flecked hazel eyes and lightly freckle-dusted skin. She has shoulder length, shaggy rust-red hair plaited into two braids with some soft viridian ribbons woven through them. She has an angular face, a freckled nose and high cheekbones accentuated by slightly-pointed ears.

She has a trio of twisted copper hoops wrapped in silver wire set along the slender tips of her pointed ears, and a beribboned maidens tattoo on her thigh.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a moonstone-set translucent crystal, an antique golden key hung on a black silk cord, a fur-lined viridian wool cloak, a leaf-trimmed soft viridian houppelande, a pair of simple copper armbands, a series of slender linden bangles set with sea glass cabochons, a crystal-set etched silver ring, a cinctured coppery leather belt, a linen-lined dark suede sack, a small black suede back sheath, and a pair of soft elk hide ankle-boots.

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