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Category: Towns
Topic: Ta'Vaalor
Message #: 11820
Author: GS4-ALYIAS
Date: 11/14/2009 4:46:11 PM
Subject: Vaalor Legions Reformation - Repost

By request:

A shortened version is here. 1-6 is enlisted, 7-10 is officers.

  1. Squire Legionnaire
  2. Legionnaire
  3. First Legionnaire
  4. High Legionnaire
  5. Master Legionnaire
  6. Lord Legionnaire
  7. Legionnaire Captain
  8. Legionnaire Commander
  9. High Legionnaire Commander
  10. Lord Legionnaire Commander

A few NPC's you might see (and this list will be expanded as the days pass) are:

  1. Besalavel - Legionnaire Commander
  2. Corath Constable / Warden of the Stockade
  3. Corilaera - High Legionnaire
  4. Cyik - High Legionnaire Commander
  5. Gaelthar High Legionnaire
  6. Jaranzair Lord Legionnaire Commander
  7. Thaon Lesser Actuary (Citizenship pins)
  8. Vonkirah - Legionnaire Commander



Category: Towns
Topic: Ta'Vaalor
Message #: 1311
Author: GS4-ALYIAS
Date: 10/04/2011 03:10 AM CDT
Subject: Leaving the Legion...

I just double checked my memory, and it is correct that you can go to the recruiter in Guardian Keep and ask him about QUITting. Note that doing so is irreversable...the Legion doesn't let back in quitters. ;-)