Crow's Nest Pub

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Crow's Nest Pub is a food shop in Icemule Trace. It is located on Gunner's Lane within the Spitfire Alley Premium home neighborhood.

[Crow's Nest Pub]
A large lighthouse lamp casing serves as a bay window at the front of the bar, light streaming through in the daytime to throw rainbows all over the room. Oil lamps hang from the ceiling, creaking loudly every time the swinging doors that lead outside bang against their frames. The back wall of the pub sports a long, highly polished darkwood bar, replete with tall bar stools upholstered in cheap red leather. You also see a peg-legged halfling bartender.


      Item                       Price
   1. Krolvin whiskey            90
   2. Deadbelly ale              80
   3. Sliced boar sandwich       105
   4. Swamproot grog             50
   5. Rum raisin tart            100

The bartender appears a bit old even for a halfling, but his features are so scarred that it's difficult to judge. He is wearing a faded blue shirt, some dark trousers, and a tattered apron.