Crumpy's Slightly Used Stuff

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Crumpy's Slightly Used Stuff is a Premium Home Window shop in Icemule Trace. It sells windows, floor coverings, floors, and wall hangings.

[Crumpy's Slightly Used Stuff]
Dirty, cracked, and broken windows fill this part of a small shop. Bits and pieces of wood and glass shards litter the floor. Some attempt has been made to clean the merchandise, but has only succeeded in demonstrating exactly how dirty the windows really are. You also see Kaja Crumpy.

Windows (Entry)

      Price  Item
1.)   42000  a small broken window
2.)   38000  a splintery wood-framed window
3.)   45000  a dirty paint-spattered window
4.)   58000  a large cracked window
5.)   48000  a horribly scratched window
6.)   52000  a violently warped window

Floor Coverings (Northeast)

1.)   82500  an ancient leaf green sylvan rug
2.)   18000  an atrociously tacky woven rug
3.)   15000  a horribly stained rug
4.)   13000  a moth-eaten woven rug
5.)   26000  a purple and lime green carpet
6.)   22000  an old threadbare rug

Floors (Northeast, Northwest)

1.)   90000  a coarse granite floor
2.)  130000  a crushed gravel floor
3.)   70000  a rough wood floor
4.)   60000  a warped wood floor
5.)  100000  a cracked tile floor

Wall Hangings (Northwest)

1.)   22000  an old handdrawn battleplan
2.)   66000  a collection of old infantry badges
3.)   28000  a battered and cracked dwarven shield
4.)  185000  an ancient elvish battle standard
5.)   42000  a horribly shredded chain hauberk
6.)   18000  a broken enruned dwarven warhammer