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Crystal amulets are common magical items found on creatures in GemStone IV. When these amulets are worn, placed inside of an amulet-holder, or held, they allow a character to send their location to another character via the ESP System using the syntax THINK LOCATION <character>. Some merchant shops have jewelry that can hold an amulet for more fashionable access.

Crystal Amulet Usage

ANALYZE provides the following information:

>You analyze your crystal amulet and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
The amulet is a crystal amulet which allows you to THINK LOCATION {target} while engaged in ESP.

You get no sense of whether or not the amulet may be further lightened.

While the amulet is in the character's worn inventory, placed within crystal amulet jewelry, or held in the character's hand, the character may use the amulet to send their location to another individual regardless of any status conditions in effect upon the sending character. Sending the location consumes a charge and the amulet will eventually shatter. The sending character receives the following message upon successful transmission of the location:

You focus on projecting your presence through the crystal amulet and impose your surroundings upon your mind.

The sending character receives the following message when the receiving character is not available:

You open your mind, but do not feel their presence.

This ability has a 30 second cooldown which is reflected in the following messaging:

Straining your mind, you fail to project your presence, having not fully recovered from the last time.

An example of what the receiving character is sent would be:

You feel the presence of XXX in your mind.
[Ta'Vaalor, Secondhand Wares]
The stone walls are clean, but bare, and a simple woven wool carpet covers the wooden floor planks.  The pawnbroker stands behind a long counter, rows of tall shelves stretching behind him laden with a broad assortment of weapons, armor, potions, and trinkets, each meticulously labeled and catalogued.  A small trashcan stands against a side wall.  
Also here: XXX

Behind the Scenes

Crystal amulets allowed characters to access the ESP system prior to an overhaul of that system in July 2020.

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