Cunning Defense

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Cunning Defense
Available To All
Mnemonic [CDEFENSE]
Cost None
Roundtime Passive
Requirements None
Prerequisites None
Rank Square Semi Pure
1 2 3
2 3 4
3 4 6
4 5 7 10 
5 6 9 12

Cunning Defense is a combat maneuver that will raise your defense against all Combat Maneuvers from the Combat Maneuver List (CML). Mastery in Cunning Defense is equivalent to having one additional rank (for defensive purposes) in all offensive Combat Maneuvers.

All-else-equal, each rank in Cunning Defense will reduce your enemy's attack roll by 3. The deduction will show up as a penalty from the attacker's perspective.

This is a passive skill. Once learned, it is always activated.