Cunning Defense

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Cunning Defense
Mnemonic [cdefense]
Type Passive
Available To All
Rank Cost/acquired at
1 2  
5 6


Your training has improved your ability to defend against maneuvers.


Grants phantom dodge ranks for the purposes of SMRv2 defense against PSM maneuvers.

Rank 1: +2 total ranks
Rank 2: +6 total ranks
Rank 3: +12 total ranks
Rank 4: +20 total ranks
Rank 5: +30 total ranks

Additional Information

Cunning Defense is combat maneuver that will improve defense against all maneuvers from the Player System Manager (PSM), granting effective Dodging ranks when targeted by a maneuver. Standard maneuvers that are not part of PSM do not get this bonus.

This is a passive skill. Once learned, it is always activated.