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Custom Fire Spirit is a service that alters the fireworks messaging when using the untargeted version of the Fire Spirit (111) spell. It is available via rare merchants, raffles, and special events. This customization does NOT impact the bolt version of the spell when used in combat; custom bolt messaging is a separate service.

There are several premade options available, and depending on the release method, the player may be allowed to submit their own customization. If the player does submit their own idea, it may be considered a delayed service. Premade options are found in token-like objects that can be REDEEMed to apply the messaging to the character.

Premade Options

Theme Custom Firework
Golden Sparks hundreds of spiraling golden sparks
Green Spinner a bright green spinner of light
Griffin a magnificent golden griffin with shimmering copper-tipped wings
Lightning a massive golden lightning bolt that spans the sky
Rainbow a shimmering double rainbow
Waterfall a waterfall of argent sparks
Cholen a beaming lute-shaped outline of crimson and gold light
Imaera a lambent tawny golden doe surrounded by a sparkling verdant aura
Koar a glimmering gold crown set over a wide pale-hued circle
Lorminstra a scintillating black haze cloaking a ring of white-haloed keys
Lumnis a twinkling arrangement of five jewel-toned conjoined circles
Oleani a lucent carmine heart unfurling a radiant pink budding flower
Ronan a flickering dark sword edged with vivid silver sparks
Tonis a fiery-hooved pegasus galloping on a celestial blue archway
Andelas a lustrous opaline black cat with blazing incarnadine eyes
Marlu a gleaming ebony star with six silvery grey-barded tentacles
Mularos a luminous sanguine heart pierced with a pure white dagger.
Sheru a refulgent charcoal jackal head with gold-flecked crimson eyes