Custom Grasp of the Grave

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Through rare merchants, raffles, and special events, the Grasp of the Grave (709) spell can now be customized. Any character, sorcerer or not, will be able to have three slots for this spells customized. The ONLY valid nouns for this customization are: appendage(s), arm(s), claw(s), limb(s), palpus, palpi, pincer(s), and tentacle(s). If the noun is singular, it will only be used to replace an arm. Using only plural options is valid, but not recommended since the plural versions are uncommon.

There are several premade options available, and depending on the release method, the player may be allowed to submit their own customization. If the player does submit their own idea, it may be considered a delayed service and go through the QC process.

Premade Options

Name Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Assorted Tentacles a grey-green cephalopod tentacle a deep crimson cephalopod tentacle a dusky violet aqua-suckered tentacle
Assorted Claws a gore-tipped clacking ebon claw a mud-crusted bumpy claw a web-spackled dark amber claw
Dark Pincers a jet-veined incarnadine pincer an ichor-coated dull bronze pincer a blood-stained dark ivory pincer
Rotting Appendages a rotting and flesh-stripped appendage a lesion-covered fleshy grey appendage a pus-dripping green-tinged appendage
Awkward Limbs a bone-thin crimson-skinned limb an awkwardly jointed limb a bloated ash-tinged limb
Assorted Palpus some twitching dusky cobalt palpus a pair of thin crackling palpus some disjointed ruby red palpus
Rotting Palpi some pewter viridian-veined palpi a pair of fetid decaying palpi some rotted gore-dripping palpi

Evermore Hollow fishing prizes


Item Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
a sinuous rubbery grey tentacle a sticky gelantinous tentacle a blubbery pale pink tentacle a tiny rubbery tentacle
a crumbling grey stone arm a cracked pink marble limb with smooth fingers a gritty sandstone appendage with thick fingers a small roughly chiseled arm
a pink-toed giant tarantula limb a pearly-haired wolf spider appendage a bristly camel spider pincer a long-haired ebon tarantula appendage