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There are three raffle methods in GemStone IV, two of which will be covered in this article. The third method is done via unlocked auction blocks, which are items owned and operated by player characters, while the two described here are raffle tables set up by GameMasters. Unless otherwise specified, the traditional raffle will always be used by GMs.

Traditional Raffles

The traditional raffle system is commonly used by merchants, CHEs, and MHOs to distribute items and services. Festivals and pay events often have a plethora of raffles to enter that draw at varying times. Characters may only purchase one raffle ticket, and although other characters on the same account can also buy a ticket, since only one character can be logged in at a time, and characters must be logged in at the time of drawing, buying tickets on multiple characters on the same account will not increase one's chances of winning. Once a table is set up, it is fully automated except for the distribution of the prize.

Entering a Traditional Raffle

  1. Locate the raffle table(s).
  2. LOOK at the ticket. Sometimes there are two or more raffles in a room, when this happens there are usually different types of "tables" used. Perhaps one raffle is on a table, and another is on a counter. In these cases LOOK TICKET ON TABLE and LOOK TICKET ON COUNTER will distinguish between the two raffles. Looking at the ticket will tell you about the item or service and the cost, which is always in silvers, the amount of time left until the raffle draws, as well as any demands the merchant has in terms of collecting the prize. For ease of viewing, GAZE TICKET will show all the raffles in the room at once.
  3. Go to the bank and WITHDRAW (silver amount) SILVERS.
  4. Return to the raffle table and BUY TICKET ON TABLE or BUY TICKET ON COUNTER.

In a traditional raffle, characters must always be logged in at the time of drawing to win.

If a character has purchased a ticket but is not logged in, it will have no chance of winning.

  • Looking in the barrel will show how many tickets have been purchased.
  • There are never any refunds for raffle ticket purchases.


[Circle of Trees, Clearing]
This clearing is ringed by trees of varying sizes that grow so close together in some places as to almost form a living wall, while vines create curtains in the open spaces.  The scent of wood smoke lingers in the air, emanating from a roaring bonfire surrounded by a ring of stones in the center of the space.  Adjacent, a woven grass basket rests on a flat stone, and a pile of iron buckets stands at the ready.  Flecks of ash dance in the shafts of sunlight that penetrate the thick jungle canopy, and winding trails squeeze between the trees in several directions.  You also see a dark brown beaver that is sleeping, a lithe golden black-maned jackal that is sleeping, a tall oak-framed mirror, a raffle table with some stuff on it and a giant unfurled leaf growing from a plot of earth.
Also here: Saverik, Durakar, Shallimar, Krystanne, Istoriel, Abbyrose, Kwani, Grand Lord Myharl who is sitting, Lady Karaeira who is sitting, Sir Metadi, Saevia
Obvious paths: none

>l at tick on table
The raffle is for "The winner will get a wandering (Mayhem) tattoo with a custom setting.  The custom setting must be of a creature that normally has eyes and is NOT a sentient race.  It must also fit the 15/15/15 format with the final 15 being the noun "tattoo."  Winner must arrive promptly to claim this prize as it will be redeemed at the time of the drawing!".
The tickets sell for 25000 silvers each.
The drawing will be in 1 hour and 1 minute for 1 winner.

>buy tick on table
You hand 25000 silvers over, take your ticket, write your name on it then drop it in the raffle barrel.

Per Wyrom 8/29/14:

I've gone ahead and updated the messaging to state how many silvers the raffle cost should you try to buy a ticket that you don't have enough silver for. The messaging was likely an archaic update at one time to differentiate certain denominations of currency (like no notes, no Premium Points, etc). ~Wyrom

Raffle Randomness

Per Wyrom 9/6/14 after both Prime and Plat had a double winner on the same night

If you bought the first ticket, you're number 1. Different numbers were selected. The person in Platinum did not buy the same number ticket. So while, yes, he won twice, the raffle actually selected different numbered tickets. When we make a major raffle, the raffle system then compares the winner to a temporary database of previous winners by name.

Specialty Raffles

The specialty raffle system was introduced in 2016 to give GameMasters more flexibility in the draw time, use currencies other than silver coins, and to remove the single-ticket-purchase and must-be-logged-in restrictions. This system was not designed to replace traditional raffles. Specialty raffles are automated in selling tickets, but the actual drawing requires the hosting GM NPC to trigger it manually.

Entering a Specialty Raffle

  1. READ TICKET ON TABLE to see the item or service prize, any information about redeeming the prize, and a general drawing time frame (e.g. "evening of [date]).
  2. GET TICKET ON TABLE to find out what the price is and in what currency.
  3. BUY TICKET ON TABLE to purchase ticket(s). Repeat as many times as desired. Currencies that can be REDEEMed must be in order to purchase the ticket. The character will receive a ticket with each purchase that must be saved.
  4. Stow the ticket(s) until the raffle is drawn.
  5. Once the raffle has drawn, READ the ticket(s) and, if it isn't a winner, it will poof.

  • Look at the stubs in the barrel to see how many tickets have been purchased.
  • There are never any refunds.
  • Characters do not need to be logged in to win, but tickets may specify strict redemption time limits. Do not procrastinate on checking tickets for winners.


[Duskruin Arena, Foyer]
Branching in either direction, the long stone corridor arches outward in a slow curve about the area that is visible up a set of stone steps, a large steel suit of armor standing to either side.  Carved into the stone overhead is the word, "DUSKRUIN".  Another smaller dark passageway angles downward toward the bowels of the arena.  You also see a circular wooden raffle table with some stuff on it, the Kiel disk and a large wooden raffle sign.
Also here: Lahke, Duskruin Arena Hero Kiel
Obvious exits: east, south, west, down

>l tick
You see nothing unusual.
There appears to be something written on it.

>read tick
In the Common language, it reads:
Raffle is for the list of prizes shown on the sign.  There will be 7 winners.  You can buy as many tickets as you'd like and you do not need to be present to win (or logged in).  Winners will be drawn on 9/5 in the evening.  If you aren't present, you will need to contact the merchant (GS4-WYROM@play.net) and keep the winning ticket.

>get tick
You pick up one of the raffle tickets and notice that the price is written in large letter across the top -- 500 bloodscrip.  You replace the tickets atop the pile.

>l on tabl
On the wooden raffle table:
Containers [1]: a stout wooden ticket barrel
Special [1]: a pile of raffle tickets

>buy tick
You quickly drop 500 bloodscrip into the slot in the middle of the wooden raffle table.  You then pick up a small vellum raffle ticket from the pile, tear off the numbered stub, and drop the stub into a stout wooden ticket barrel.

>l my tick
A large number is written across the top of this raffle ticket.  Several lines of fine print are written beneath.

>read my tick
In the Common language, it reads:
This is Raffle Ticket # 2.  It was purchased by Brinret, and may only be redeemed by Brinret.  If this ticket is not a winner, it will disintegrate shortly after the raffle has ended.  Raffle is for the list of prizes shown on the sign.  There will be 7 winners.  You can buy as many tickets as you'd like and you do not need to be present to win (or logged in).  Winners will be drawn on 9/5 in the evening.  If you aren't present, you will need to contact the merchant (GS4-WYROM@play.net) and keep the winning ticket.

>l stub in barr
You see a pile of 648 raffle ticket stubs.

>read tick
Your vellum raffle ticket crumbles into dust.  Guess it wasn't a winner.

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