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Custom logphrases consist of 4 total messages, two for each part (logon and logoff). For logons, one is an arrivals message (replacing *Character just joined the adventure), and the other an in character message replacing "Character just arrived." For logoffs, one is a departure message, and the other an in character message replacing "Character just left."

In game arrival and departure messages should be twenty words or less. Concepts are pretty open, but should not be obviously OOC. The log on/off phrases can be loosely themed or divergent.

  • Story Window Arrival: With a content sigh, a vaguely sleepy looking Zoelle arrives to eye her surroundings skeptically.
  • Story Window Departure: With one last glance around, Zoelle shrugs before announcing, "Alright, it's time for my nap!" and disappears into the shadows.
  • Dialog Window Arrival: *After waking from a long catnap, Zoelle once again prowls the lands.
  • Dialog Window Departure: *Zoelle leaves the lands to enjoy a nice long catnap.

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