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The dismount verb is used in conjunction with mounts (ride-able animals such as horses). Both "dismount" and "dismount <mount>" are recognized by the game. You cannot dismount if your hands are full.


Horse Types

With Saddle*

You climb down from the ebony leather saddle on a tall red roan draft horse and carefully detach some rough white leather reins from her bit.

Without Saddle

You climb down from an athletic tan mustang and carefully detach some sleek brown reins from his bit.

Tortoise Types

With Saddle

At this time, horse saddles are not compatible with tortoise mounts.

Without Saddle

>dismount tortoise
You climb down from a smooth green giant tortoise's neck and carefully detach some green hemp leads from him.


Prior to the Rumor Woods event of 2019, dismount as a verb had no functionality. Its usage resulted in the following messaging:

But you aren't on a horse to dismount.

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