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The Mount System was released in 2019 at pay event Rumor Woods with the sale of the first mounts. Characters wave a summoning item, such as reins for an equine or leads for a tortoise, to muster their mount. They can then interact with their animal (mounted or unmounted) and mount their animal to travel with multi-movement or fast travel (if they've purchased the unlock). Mounts can be customized as well and special items can be purchased for them, including a private stall.

Mount Types and Summoning Items

Type Summoning Item Common Nouns Uncommon Nouns* Rare Version Release Year
Horse Reins Horse Bronco, Cob, Charger, Crowbait, Draft horse*, Filly, Gelding, Hack, Jade, Mare, Mustang, Pony*, Stallion a fiery-eyed nightmare steed 2019
Tortoise Leads Tortoise Cryptodira a thin-scaled olive green Megalochelys atlas 2020
Deer Strap Buck, Deer, Doe, Stag Antelope*, Caribou, Elk, Gazelle*, Muntjac*, Moose*, Reindeer a regal pristine white hart 2021
a regal pristine white hind
Lizard Harness Lizard, Tegu Monitor, Monster, Wastesdragon a sinewy (color) fringe-toed yierka 2022
Unicorn Reins N/A N/A a silver-horned raven-sheened black unicorn 2022
a gold-horned immaculate white unicorn
Rolton Leash Ewe, Ram, Sheep, Tup Citka, Dorper, Goat, Kish'dal, Piebald koza, Maedat, Rakka, Risthil a flecket golden rolton 2023
Beetle Scarab, Beetle N/A 2024
Spider Spider birdeater, huntsman orbweaver 2024

*These mounts have additional restrictions. Please see individual mount pages for this information.


Once you purchase a mount, you can have its features customized to your taste. The common mounts will have less options than uncommon mounts, with rare mounts having access to the most. You can only customize your mounts features with raikhen and by paying the ostler at Rumor Woods. When visiting the ostler, please have your summoning device in hand. Recently, the ban on altering mount items (leads, reins, and other mount-related gear) was lifted. However, some items still have restrictions. Please make sure to ANALYZE each item to determine if it qualifies for altering.


You can dismiss your mount to send him/her away, just as you can wave your reins to summon him/her. You can also purchase a stall from stablehands in most towns' stables. The stablehand can do the following services for you:

1. Assist you in purchasing a stall for your mount.

2. Discuss switching which mount is in your stall.

3. Assist you in purchasing Mount Travel options.

Purchasing a Stall

You can purchase a stall from stablehands in most towns' stables. In order to purchase a stall, you'll need to have your mount summoning device in hand. If you do, this is the place that you can visit your mount when you are not riding it.

In 2020, the following free upgrades were made to stalls.

1) All stalls will now allow groups to enter. Mounted group members will be dismounted, as there's only enough room for one mount to exist in each stall. (Characters can no longer login to the stall rooms.)
2) All stalls will now allow magic and familiars.
3) Fast travel will now work from all stables, including stalls (assuming the ability functions in that area AND you have purchased this upgrade from the stablehand).
4) Stall decor limits have been removed.
5) You can now teleport out of your stall.

Additionally, the following upgrades were announced:

   a) Mount Association -- Change the mount that lives in a stall. COST: 625 raikhen
   b) Stable Location -- Change the town of your stall (assuming one is currently available in that town). COST: 1250 raikhen

2) PERSONAL NODE -- COST: 5000 raikhen

3) STORAGE -- add a container able to hold 50 pounds. COST: 10000 raikhen
    (NOTE: Stalls are limited to 1 storage container.)

4) STORAGE UPGRADE in 10 pound increments
    a) 50 to 100 pounds -- COST: 1000 raikhen
    b) 100 to 150 pounds -- COST: 2000 raikhen
    b) 150 to 200 pounds (max capacity) -- COST: 3000 raikhen

   a) Level 1: Purchase a trashcan from the shop. COST: 400 raikhen
   b) Level 2: Purchase a trashcan ROOM DESCRIPTION. (IE: "A small hole in the floor serves as a waste receptacle." versus "You also see <item>".) COST: 675 raikhen
   c) Level 3: Purchase a CLEAN function to clean up a stall room (similar to inn tables). COST: 1075 raikhen
   (Note: These options function separately. You do not have to purchase lower levels to get upper levels.)

   a) Benches and chairs. COST: 400 raikhen

7) REMODEL -- purchase a new stall description. COST: 1300 raikhen


Mount items can be purchased in Rumor Woods at the following shops:

Born to Adorn - items a tortoise can wear

Braid and Mane - items that will change a horse's mane

The Gallant Groom - items that can be used to groom a horse

The Gift Horse - items a horse can wear

Irons in the Fire - items that can brand a horse

Quit Stallin' - items that can be placed in a stall

Rollin' in the Greens - food for tortoises

Saddle Me Up - saddles for mounts

Stick Your Nose In It - food for mounts and nosebags

The Colorful Carapace - paint for a tortoise shell

Trim and Polish - items that can be used to groom a tortoise

Mount Travel

Mounts have the ability to use multi-movement as well as an unlockable fast travel. When you are travelling normally while mounted, you can be dismounted if you are attacked and receive damage or if you somehow manage to perform an attack on something.


Multi-movement is a base feature of all mounts and is different from Fast Travel, which is a separate unlock. You can type GO <first direction> <second direction> to move in two different directions with one command or you can type GO <same direction repeated up to eight times> to travel up to eight steps in the same direction in one command. A normal creature won't get the opportunity to attack you when using multi-movement, but anything that could trigger when entering or exiting a room still applies (webs, ice patches, etc). Multi-movement will work for a group if all members have mounts. Non-mounted characters are left behind.

Different Direction Multi-Movement

go s se
You ride a fiery-eyed nightmare steed south.
[Wehnimer's, Exterior]
As you stand next to the southwest corner of the Landing, you have an unobstructed view of the plain. Some distance away you can make out the vague figures of shepherdesses tending their flocks of Rolton -- sheep indigenous to the region. Further south the grassy expanse turns hilly, eventually terminating in stark mountains that line the horizon. You also see a wooden signpost.
Obvious paths: north, southeast, southwest
You ride a fiery-eyed nightmare steed southeast.
[Wehnimer's, Exterior]
The dirt path bends around the southwest corner of the landing. Far to the east, you can see a thin blue line that must be the river. You also see a rolton skeleton, a yellow silk ribbon and a heap of splintered timbers and torn hide.
Obvious paths: east, northwest

Same Direction Multi-Movement

>go w w w w w
You ride a fiery-eyed nightmare steed west.
[Vornavis, West Road]
Dry grasses stretch out in a plain to the south of the path here. Amber fields of tall swaying grass wave hypnotically in the slight, steady breeze. The rustling hiss of the grasses in the breeze sets the mind at ease.
Obvious paths: east, west
You ride a fiery-eyed nightmare steed west.
[Vornavis, West Road]
The fields to the south of the path here change from amber to the east to green and lush to the west. The fields have no paths or roads leading into them, but occasionally, the tall grasses are crushed or swept to one side as if by a traveler or a large animal. You also see a small mound.
Obvious paths: east, west
You ride a fiery-eyed nightmare steed west.
[Vornavis, West Road]
The road continues to the east into a wide, flat area marked by fields of tall grasses. To the west, a small wooded area crosses the road, becoming more dense and lush far to the north. The road remains well defined, and wagon wheel ruts show regular use. You also see a rocky footpath leading up into the woods.
Obvious paths: east, west
You ride a fiery-eyed nightmare steed west.
[Vornavis, West Road]
The road travels through a very sparsely wooded area for a stretch here. The woods are not dense, and allow direct sunlight to touch the forest floor. This is either the beginning of a very young forest, or the end of a very old one.
Obvious paths: east, west
You ride a fiery-eyed nightmare steed west.
[Vornavis, West Road]
To the east, a small wooded area crosses the path, and vibrant green leaves cling to trees swaying in the breeze. The road slopes sharply downward for a stretch before turning toward the southwest. A clump of holly bushes to the north of the path here looks out of place.
Obvious paths: east, southwest

Fast Travel

There are two different types of fast travel: (a) Town to Hunting Grounds and (b) Town to Town. The commands for this type of travel are detailed at MOUNT TRAVEL. Both of these are unlocked at a town's stables for raikhen. Note: you do not have to own a stall to use the feature.

Town to Hunting Grounds travel allows you, when mounted, to travel from within town, a stable, or your stall to any number of hunting grounds in your local area. In most cases, the mount will not allow you to circumvent normal obstacles (skill and level checks), but can you get closer to the area than if you had to walk all the way. A common exception to that rule is if you can teleport there with a gold ring, a mount will probably be able to take you there too. After your hunt, you can return to the same room, then fast travel back to town. You may use this type of fast travel with no cooldown. There may be level restrictions in order to travel to a hunting ground.

Town to Town travel allows you, when mounted, to go on a short journey from one town, stables, or stall to another town's stables. It is quicker than walking and will only take a few minutes to go to most towns, but is taxing on your mount and may only be performed twenty-four hours after the last time the ability was used. After you've used the ability, you can MOUNT TRAVEL TOWN RETURN in order to return to your original location. This must used within the twenty-four hour window of when you used the town-to-town fast travel option.

Verbs Used with the System

MOUNT (verb)

This allows you to climb on your mount. Once unlocked, it is also the launching place for MOUNT TRAVEL.


In order to use the MOUNT TRAVEL system you need to do 3 things:

1. Purchase a mount from Rumor Woods.

2. Purchase a travel unlock from stablehands.

3. Stand in your town's stable, your own stall, or a room in town.

  • Please note: When you buy the unlock it works for the character that bought it only. HOWEVER, it works for ANY mount you purchase.


All travel enhancements cost raikhen and will apply to all mounts owned by you. There are two types of fast travel that you can purchase:

(50,000 raihken) - TOWN - This travel option will allow you to travel to another town once every 24 hours. Your origination room must be located within a town.

TOWN RETURN - This travel option will allow you to return to the town you traveled out of once in a 24 hours period.

(25, 000 raihken) HUNTING - This travel option will take you to a nearby hunting ground based on your origination area and can only be initiated from within a town. Return abilities are included with this travel option.

RETURN - This travel option will return you to town from your hunting area. Please note, whichever room your mount originally dropped you off in is the room you need to depart from.

DISMISS (verb)

This sends your mount home. If you own a stall, then your mount will be waiting for you the next time you visit it.


This will allow you to climb off of your mount.