Dakris's Furs

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Dakris's Furs is Wehnimer's Landing's furrier. It is run by Dakris. Dakris's Furs also houses Cortina, the tanner, and two Premium home shops.

[Dakris's Furs, Front Room]
This is the large front room of the furrier's shop. Roughly hewn planks, supported by wooden barrels, span the space and serve as a counter. A few simple chairs are randomly scattered along the dirt floor. Across the room, to the southeast, you see a doorway covered only by a draped velnalin hide. You also see the furrier Dakris and a carved wooden arch.

When LOOKed at, Dakris looks as if business has been prosperous for him.

Adventurers can sell their hides, pelts, skins, toes, jaws, and other skinnable objects here as well as scintillating fishscales and ambergris.

Premium Home Shops

Through the arch from the main room are two rooms with Premium home furniture in them.

Floor Coverings

1.)   14000  a thick rolton wool rug
2.)   12500  a pile of rolton skins
3.)   21000  a pile of fur-covered pillows
4.)   12000  a pile of moth-eaten furs
5.)   13000  a rolton wool mat
6.)   15000  a velnalin hide rug
7.)   25000  a black bearskin rug
8.)   18000  a multicolored braided fur rug
9.)   20000  a wolverine skin rug
10.)  17000  a pile of wolverine pelts
11.)  25000  a soft pile of puma hides
12.)  28000  a brown bearskin rug
13.)  16000  a bundle of cozy furs
14.)  12000  a tattered rat skin rug

Wall Hangings

1.)   45000  a mounted gremlin head
2.)   35000  a mounted velnalin hide
3.)   39000  a mounted orc hide
4.)   45000  a stuffed troll head
5.)   38000  a mounted thrak hide
6.)   40000  a stuffed giant rat
7.)   36000  a mounted rolton pelt
8.)   42000  a mounted wolverine pelt
9.)   36000  a mounted kobold skin
10.)  45000  a stuffed orc head
11.)  45000  a mounted troll hide
12.)  45000  a mounted black bear skin
13.)  50000  a mounted manticore skin
14.)  45000  a mounted velnalin head