Dakris's Furs/Wall hangings

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Dakris's Furs/Wall hangings is the Premium Home Wall Hanging shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located east of the arch in Dakris's Furs.

[Dakris's Furs, Showroom]
The hides and heads of various violent beasts have been stuffed, preserved then mounted on the unfinished walls of the showroom. Sawdust has covered the counter and accumulated in small piles on the floor about its edges. The faint smell of preserving chemicals leaves a rather unpleasant aroma in the air. You also see an elderly taxidermist, a rough wooden counter and a number of stuffed trophies.


      Price  Item
1.)   45000  a mounted gremlin head
2.)   35000  a mounted velnalin hide
3.)   39000  a mounted orc hide
4.)   45000  a stuffed troll head
5.)   38000  a mounted thrak hide
6.)   40000  a stuffed giant rat
7.)   36000  a mounted rolton pelt
8.)   42000  a mounted wolverine pelt
9.)   36000  a mounted kobold skin
10.)  45000  a stuffed orc head
11.)  45000  a mounted troll hide
12.)  45000  a mounted black bear skin
13.)  50000  a mounted manticore skin
14.)  45000  a mounted velnalin head