Danalla Ba'Thira

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Danalla Ba'Thira
Storyline The Lion, the Artist, and the Mural
Gender female
Race half-elven
Culture Vornavis
Status Alive
Hometown Solhaven
Relationship(s) Matriarch of the late Solindango Family
Alias/Title Danalla Solindango

Lady Danalla is the current owner of the Solindango Anox, which was rounded by her late husband. Both her daughter and husband fell during one of the battles that raged through the streets of Solhaven in the early 5100s. The Lady couldn't bear wearing her husband's name anymore and reverted to her maiden name of Ba'Thira. She is close friends with a priestess in the temple of Lorminstra.


You see Lady Danalla Ba'Thira.
She appears to be a Half-Elf from Vornavis.
She appears to be young.  She has gold-flecked hazel eyes and tanned skin.  She has long, straight black hair woven into four plaits fastened by golden hairpins capped in diamond-eyed monkeys.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a gold-chained oval locket, a flare-collared crushed velvet coat flanked in rose-laced lapels, a high-collared and striped ebon shirt trailing seed pearl buttons, a pair of ebon silk gloves, a silver-chained and filigreed chatelaine, a high-waisted canary yellow skirt with bustled ebon stripes, and a pair of low-heeled black leather shoes with pointed toes.

Additional Information

  • Fashanos 5124 - Lady Ba'Thira opens her open to the Scallabrini family.