Dari's Clothiers

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Dari's Clothiers is a boutique shop in Wehnimer's Landing.

[Dari's Clothiers, Salon] RNUM: 8720
Wooden forms in the main room of Dari's Salon display a variety of cloaks, robes, trousers, shirts, and other garments of woven fabrics. Dari Sulka, the designer and proprietress of this trendy establishment, has draped herself atop a stool between the counter and the wall. You also see an order counter with some stuff on it and a cloak rack with some stuff on it.


  1. a flowing robe                           47. a full gown
  2. some moccasins                           48. a silver-trim blue wool greatcloak
  3. some boots                               49. a green wool greatcloak
  4. some high boots                          50. a sage green hooded leather greatcloak
  5. some slouched midnight blue boots        51. a forest green hooded greatcloak
  6. some slouched black kidskin boots        52. a black bear-hide mantle
  7. some slouched black leather boots        53. a nightgown
  8. some slouched white leather boots        54. a white and blue checkered nightgown
  9. some slouched tawny leather boots        55. an ivory laced silk nightgown
  10. some slouched white doeskin boots       56. a flower embroidered nightgown
  11. some slouched black doeskin boots       57. a nightshirt
  12. some slouched tawny doeskin boots       58. a midnight blue cotton nightshirt
  13. some soft icy blue leather boots        59. a moon and stars linen nightshirt
  14. a bonnet                                60. a white and blue checkered nightshirt
  15. a daisy-covered linen bonnet            61. some pants
  16. a rose hued linen bonnet                62. some ebony gold-threaded pants
  17. a blue watered silk bonnet              63. some pleated midnight blue pants
  18. a blouse                                64. some slim-cut black linen pants
  19. an ora-buttoned indigo blue blouse      65. a pair of dark suede pants
  20. a white and blue checkered blouse       66. a pair of gold-buttoned pants
  21. a pleated white silk blouse             67. a purse
  22. a soft midnight blue blouse             68. a pleated soft leather purse
  23. a short-sleeved white chambray blouse   69. a maroon wolf hide purse
  24. a sleeveless mint green blouse          70. a tasseled icy blue purse
  25. a lace-trimmed ivory chambray blouse    71. a beribboned taupe leather purse
  26. some breeches                           72. a fine grey fleece shawl
  27. a pair of white ora-buttoned breeches   73. a shirt
  28. some soft ivory chambray breeches       74. an ora-buttoned indigo blue shirt
  29. a soft ivory cotton cape                75. a white and blue checkered shirt
  30. a gold and silver samite cape           76. a grey silk silver-threaded shirt
  31. a white and blue checkered cape         77. a pleated midnight blue shirt
  32. an embossed dark leather cape           78. a ruffled ivory chambray shirt
  33. an oversized taupe cape                 79. a gold-buttoned white chambray shirt
  34. a chemise                               80. a high-collared sage green shirt
  35. a midnight blue watered silk chemise    81. a mint green chambray shirt
  36. an antique white satin chemise          82. a laced kidskin shirt
  37. a lace-trimmed icy blue chemise         83. some socks
  38. a cloak                                 84. some polka-dot cotton socks
  39. an embroidered white silk cloak         85. a pair of moon and stars socks
  40. a bright red traveller's cloak          86. some red and yellow striped socks
  41. a sea blue cotton cloak                 87. some thick soft cotton socks
  42. a grey wolf hide cloak                  88. some white and blue checkered socks
  43. a hooded cloak                          89. some trousers
  44. an ermine-lined snow-white cloak        90. a pair of soft midnight blue trousers
  45. an ebony hooded linen cloak             91. some grey silver-threaded trousers
  46. an ash grey fleece-lined cloak          92. some sage green samite trousers

  Backroom Catalog
  93. a crystalline silk gown                 94. a shiny rainbow sequined gown



  1. white                 8. cyan                  15. lavender
  2. grey                  9. green                 16. golden
  3. black                 10. yellow               17. silvery
  4. dark                  11. brown                18. chrome
  5. red                   12. tan                  19. brass
  6. blue                  13. orange               20. crimson
  7. azure                 14. purple              


  1. leather               8. cloth                 15. chambray
  2. doeskin               9. wool                  16. fleece
  3. fur hide              10. cotton               17. oilcloth
  4. velvet                11. organdy              18. canvas
  5. satin                 12. brocade              19. linen
  6. lace                  13. mail                 20. samite
  7. silk                  14. kidskin


The cloak rack is a place for adventurers to donate clothing to others.