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New Incentives for Aelotoi

Category: Races of Elanthia
Topic: Aelotoi
Message #: 1267
Date: 4/1/2009 2:44:50 PM
Subject: New Incentives for Aelotoi

Despite an intricate, well-developed racial history and compelling combat statistics, a recent internal census revealed that aelotoi are among the least-played races in GemStone IV, beating only half-krolvin in playership numbers. The aelotoi co-Gurus are pleased to announce a new incentive to play aelotoi: the "Cocoon" racial ability.

While on Bre'Naere, the aelotoi were forced to undergo mutilation and experimentation under the claws of their kiramon overlords. This resulted in their unusual eyes and insect-like wings, the latter of which has proven to be little more than a vestigial feature in Elanthia's gravity. They also gained a powerful capability, kept hidden by aelotoi elders for fear of embracing their insect heritage.

When threatened, aelotoi may now cocoon themselves in a matter similar to the empathic spell Regeneration. While cocooned, an aelotoi will take no damage and his or her wounds will rapidly heal, but a player may take no actions until the cocooning breaks naturally. In order to reflect the emergency nature of this ability, it may be used only once a day by making use of the REGENERATE verb.

When cocooning, aelotoi secrete a waxy substance from various glands on their body, then must painstakingly wrap themselves in the resulting 'saephuic silk.'

In order to differentiate this ability from spell 1150, the aelotoi racial ability costs no mana. It takes aelotoi approximately 160 minutes to form a cocoon, depending on level. Having other players blow on your character using the EXHALE verb may hasten the drying time, but also runs the risk of breaking your cocoon.

We look forward to seeing many new aelotoi wandering Elanthia in the days to come!

Auchand & Lusus

Cooking with Strath

Category: Magic & Spell Systems
Topic: Alchemy Assistance
Message #: 2244
Date: 4/1/2009 12:52:43 AM
Subject: Cooking with Strath

After much discussion on the back end, we've decided to go in a new direction with the alchemy system. It will be re-tooled to tie in with the food system to allow players to create their own gastronomic masterpieces to delight and amaze their friends.

None of the current alchemy recipes have been replaced yet, but here are two freebie recipes to get you started while we implement the changes:

Fresh 'n Moist Blueberry Muffins
Add crystalline solution
Add handful of blueberries
Add ground wheat grass

Zesty Spaghetti Sauce
Add water
Add 3 doses of mashed red tomato
Add sea salt
Add black trafel mushroom
Add fennel bulb

Allez cuisine!