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Deavon Laeren-Zulon
Race Human
Culture Selanthia
Class Knight-Errant
Profession Warrior
Religion Secret
Affiliation(s) Past-Chair, Order of the Silver Gryphon
Disposition Playful, kind-hearted, devout
Demeanor Generally friendly
Flaw Probably too trusting
Greatest Strength Empathy
Greatest Weakness Why would she reveal this?
Habits Seeking solace in Leya's Shrine
Likes Bergamot tea, pear rissoles, sweet strong men
Dislikes Arrogance, snobs, egoists
Fears Nothing she cares to share
Loyalties Leya
Best Friend Mostly those in the Order and Lylia, many have wandered off...
Spouse Zurion Zulon
Deavon Laeren-Zulon (as created by the player of Deavon, using PlaygroundAI)


Dame Deavon Laeren-Zulon, Knight Errant, can trace her roots back beginning with her grandmother, Aedraeh Phyrre, who supposedly descended from the clan of the Overlord (and Empress) Selantha Anodheles. Her family, based on some writings and oral history passed down, enjoyed Selantha's reign, but when the forces of Mynal'lyanna unseated the House of Anodheles, her relatives escaped deep into the forest in an effort to remain alive and safe. They lived a fairly obscure life until their village was discovered by a band of wandering rogues, who promptly plundered and pillaged, killing men and women alike. The children that survived were taken, along with jewels, heirlooms, and provisions, to be raised by the women of their nomadic clan.

Now accustomed to wanderlust in her life, Aedraeh had listened to the tales of many exotic lands, and upon reaching the age of maturity, set out for Wehnimer's Landing. There she met kindly Lord Aurien who helped her become accustomed to the strange and new town. Desiring a more stable life than the one she had, she tried to learn the skills of a warrior. She spent a short time living happily, and worked hard to uncover the truth about her past. She came upon a seer who used his magic to divine visions of her family's escape from Tamzyrr and retreat. Twas then that she learned of her descent from the House of Anodheles and the rebel clan of the Black Wolves.

Late one night, while returning from a hunt, Aedraeh was snared by her long red hair and dragged into a ravine where she was beaten and savagely raped. Too ashamed to acknowledge this horrid attack, she withdrew from her friends and the daylight, never quite healing physically or emotionally. But she was quite pregnant and eight months later, hidden in a reclusive abode, Aedraeh went into a very difficult labor, giving birth to Jaeyde. Aedraeh lived only long enough to draw on her remaining strength to return to Wenhimer's Landing to find a sympathetic priest who could arrange for Jaeyde's care. She handed the priest her journal detailing what she had learned of the family history and disappeared out the town gates, never to be heard from again.

Jaeyde tried to emulate all that was good of her mother, based on what she read in the small tome. She continued to train in the warrior arts, and pursued the family history, adding her own scripted hand to Aedraeh's journal. During a particularly nasty invasion of the township, Jaeyde joined the ranks on the front lines, but as the aggressors encroached, she was taken prisoner by the overlord waging the war. In what is now known as Stone Valley, Jaeyde found herself imprisoned against her will and destined to die as painful a death as her mother. Determined not to allow her spirit and pride to be broken, she used her charms to befriend the Ta'Vaaloran warrior overlord, eventually changing their relationship from jailer and prisoner to that of lovers. Months passed, turning into a year, and though she was his companion, she was not free to leave his lands. As a result of this union, Jaeyde also became pregnant, but she knew the child would never fully be welcomed as heir to the House of Vaalor. Being a human and illegitimate kept Jaedye from assuming the role of wife, but nonetheless, the overlord was pleased that he had sired a child.

Little by little, Jaeyde was given some freedoms and privileges, among them, a personal handmaiden, Moira Laeren, who was to attend to her during the pregnancy and childbirth. One stormy night the pains of labor began. Jaeyde summoned Moira and throughout the night and much of the next day she cried out with each contraction, the love for her unborn child never wavering. With a final triumphant push, Jaeyde's laughter rang out at the sound of the baby's first cry. But her joy was short-lived as she caught sight of the handmaiden's face. Looking down at her child, the prominently human features could only mean certain death. Panicky and teary-eyed, Jaeyde knew she needed to act fast. The disgrace of a female, human-appearing firstborn would not spare either of them from the overlord's wrath. She asked Moira to bring her journal and a quill as she gingerly moved to her desk. Hurriedly, she scribbled out the history of their family, as well as instructed the handmaiden that the child was to be known as Deavon Laeren. Giving the journal and what coins and gems she had to Moira, she watched as the handmaiden carefully swaddled the newborn, and disappeared into the night. Aggrieved and distraught, Jaeyde returned to her birth bed, attempting to make it appear as though the child had been stillborn. Jaeyde lived in the House of Vaalor for another year or so, giving birth to yet another child, again female, but more like an elf in appearance. The overlord was pleased, but dismayed that it was a girl-child, beheaded Jaeyde.

Moira Laeren made her way back towards Wehnimer's Landing, setting up in an abandoned cottage in the woods just outside of town. There the two lived in peace, and Deavon's human features did not attract undue attention. The child proved to have much of her father within her. Lacking any formal training, she relied on her instincts to guide her. Content with life in the forest, Deavon remained with Moira, often helping to tend the gardens when not out hunting. Her guardian grew ill when she was a young lass, and Deavon tended to her as she lay dying. On the eve of her death, Moira told her of the journal and gems hidden away in the cottage, which Deavon promised she would read, but at first morning's light, her guardian drew one last breath and Deavon wept. She cried for hours upon hours, alone in the world now, until the sun set, over the newly-turned earth of the grave. As Deavon knelt beside it in prayer, she heard her guardian's voice reminding her of the journal. Slowly she stood and entered the cottage, approaching the hidden tome.

By candlelight, Deavon sat and read the fine scroll of Aedraeh and the rushed hand of Jaeyde, plus the notations from Moira added since. When she was done she sat, stunned at the revelations. Knowing what she must do now, carrying what she could manage, Deavon headed for the Landing gates the next morning. She found a room at Thrak's Inn in which to live, and roamed the surroundings, eventually making friends with Thalus, Bladepoint, Krrystall, Higlac, Roxana, Durgen, Madrona, and Diandra. Together they would often hunt, and when not, Deavon and Thalus would go off together to be alone in their budding relationship. Initially shy and afraid of the creatures she confronted, she was slow to advance. One day, while walking alone to meet her friends in the troll and gnome caves off the Mine Road, Deavon took the wrong trail and stumbled into the outer bounds of the Spider Temple of Arachne. Spotting a vapour hound, she turned to run, slipping and falling only to feel it's breath surround her. Death overtook her instantly. As she lay in the realm between life and ascension, a fog appeared and a tall, handsome cleric walked out from the center of the mist. He grasped her hand and magically transported her back to the Landing gates, and upon examining her, called upon his deity to raise her back to life.

So struck was Deavon by this stranger's kindness that she was forever grateful. Looking upon the countenance of Lord Zurion Zulon's grey eyes, she felt a link form between them. For a time, she only saw him during her brief affair with his best friend, Lord Tselryk or while in town. But in the weeks soon after, he often would appear where she was out roaming with her friends, sometimes grabbing her hand and spiriting them off to be alone. They spent hours talking, sharing, laughing, and hunting. He introduced her to the history of the Landing and the Arkati, as well as his favorite retreat, Imaera's Shrine. He taught her how to practice her profession with more skill. Twas during this time that he sponsored her induction into House Brigatta. On that winter solstice eve, a horrible invasion overtook the lands. Making sure she was safely ensconced at home, he took her into the alcove, and there he knelt, drawing an engagement ring from out of his pouch and proposed to Deavon. She gladly accepted, weeping with joy, and prayed for his safe return to her, as he left to reign victorious.

As winter waned into Spring, Zurion and Deavon were wed at Imaera's Shrine and they have remained married since. Now ennobled and fully a woman in her own right, Deavon proceeded to make her own mark in the lands. She continued her training and hunting, and was amid the first group to join the new Warrior Guild. Seeking out Lady Wanton at Lord Metaboculous's advice, Deavon was invited to attend a meeting of the Order of the Silver Gryphon, where she met Lord Brinn, who agreed to become her sponsor. Now a squire, Deavon allied with Lady Kiora, Lady Kythyn, and Lady Shadowkatt to begin a quest for the search of the lost tomes and find the Shrine of Leya, warrior God Kai's daughter. They invited in several other friends and began the long journey of discovery. A trail of clues and visions led the party deep into a virgin forest, where they happened upon a black marble portal. Inside, they discovered the shrine. Deavon was blessed by the Lady Leya, her medallion altered to reflect Leya's tears.

Months later, passing her test to become an Order member in full. Deavon has served as the acting Chairman, Chairman, First, and Member of the Council of the Order of the Silver Gryphon, and performs acts of kindness and mercy as requested by her Lady Leya. Maybe one day she will have her true identity as an heir to the House of Vaalor acknowledged.

On the 19th day of Charlatos in the year 5100, Dame Deavon Laeren was bestowed the title of Knight Errant by Baron Dunrith Malwind, making her the second Dame to hold such a distinction (Dame Wanton Destruction being the first).


You see Dame Deavon Laeren the Knight Errant. She appears to be a Human from Selanthia.

She is taller than average. She appears to be in the spring of life. She has amethyst-flecked stormy grey eyes and flawless alabaster skin. She has waist-length, wavy pale silver hair with a striking black streak contrasting sharply on the left. She has a heart-shaped face and high cheekbones. She has an opaline amethyst purple patina brushed onto her rounded fingernails.

She has a tiny vaalin loop threaded with an amethyst bijou in the upper ridge of her left ear, and a tattooed symbol of Leya on her wrist.

She is wearing a twisted vaalin strand circlet caging tiny navette amethysts, a sparkling white Leya medallion inset with a tear-shaped pearl, a pale lavender velvet cloak fastened with a carved amethyst thistle clasp, an amethyst-hued brocaded silk gown, a pair of ivory floral lace half-gloves with tiny frosted pale violet amethyst thistle buttons, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a pair of pale amethyst stockings under a pair of side-laced amethyst leather boots, and a pair of golden spurs.