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Domain Amazons, Martial Arts
Symbol an ivory-hilted dagger on a field of deep blue
Pantheon Pantheon of Liabo
Relationships Kai (father)
Smite/Bane Smite
Critical Puncture

Patroness of Amazons and Martial Arts

Leya's skills as a Master of Martial Arts was often demonstrated by her winning matches in many a tournament held by the Elven Houses. She is also skilled with many weapons. Daughter of the God Kai, and the elf Learya, Leya was blessed with talents from both spheres.

The tomes record that Leya wielded the sword Soulingen in one of the many battles staged during the Undead Wars, accidentally killing her lover, Egan. Soulingen's blade holds the souls of those it kills, evil and good alike. It was after this mournful accident, staged by Luukos, that Leya built the tomb for her lover, which is now her shrine. Taking up a simple dagger, Leya wandered the lands, retiring among the elves that cared for her during childhood.

Leya's blessing often takes the form of a dagger-shaped mark.

Leya's preferred form is that of a woman who appears to be in her twenties with azure eyes and wavy mahogany hair. She wears a belted tunic over her athletic form and laced up sandals upon her feet. In manner, she is cool and confident. Her symbol is an ivory-hilted dagger on a field of deep blue.

Shrines, Statuary, and Holy Places

Wehnimer's Landing, Shrine of Leya

Located northwest of the Slope hunting area in the Old Mine Road region outside Wehnimer's Landing--adjacent to the Hummingbird Pond and Pond Burrow neighborhoods--is the Shrine of Leya. The holy location is by the altar to the northwest of the pool.

[Shrine of Leya, Northwest Wall] RNUM: 8146
Against the curved wall sits a marble altar, its contours echoing the arcuation. Light from the dome above plays across its polished surface, dappling it as clouds drift past the moons outside. A formidable sword rests upon the altar, and although the altar's dimensions seem perfectly contrived to bear the weapon's span, the sword lies there askew, as if casually discarded.
Obvious exits: east, southeast, south

a black marble altar

It is beautifully crafted and polished to a high shine.  The only ornamentation is an exquisitely rendered row of horses running around the altar's edges in an endless circle.

An immense sword is lying on the altar.

Cleric Guilds

Displayed in the Prayer Rooms of each Cleric Guild is a statue of Leya. These prayer rooms are considered a holy shrine to multiple deities.

The statue depicts a young elven woman with the body and bearing of an acrobat.  She is clad only in a short, belted tunic and calf-laced sandals.  A dagger is casually inserted into her belt.

K>touch Leya
You reach out and touch the statue of Leya.

A soft wave of magic flows over you, making your skin tingle with Leya's energies.

Ta'Vaalor Cleric Guild

Located in an ivory gold-domed building just to the north of the entrance of the Ta'Vaalor Trace cleric guild is a shrine dedicated to Leya. This shrine is also available to non-clerics. The Ta'Vaalor Cleric Guild is located through a an ornate silver gate on Shimaerslin Wey.

[Cleric Guild, Shrine]
Fluted white marble columns enclose the area in a wide circle, marking the edges of the building itself. The stark white of the surroundings is broken only by the massive circle of vivid lapis lazuli upon the floor, its center inset with ivory in the shape of a simple dagger. A large statue of a slender elven woman stands to the north, the dagger she holds upraised in her hands bathed in the golden light filtering through the large oculus in the domed ceiling. You also see a small white altar.
Obvious exits: out
>tap statue
You tap a marble Leya statue.

>look statue
Carved from flawless marble, the statue depicts Leya, her sandals and tunic befitting her fluid combat stance.  She stands proudly, her beautiful features gazing up at the ceiling and the light streaming from above.  Her right hand holds a dagger in a sharply upraised arc, seemingly offering it to the heavens themselves.  Azure blazestars serve as her eyes, sparkling in a nearly lifelike fashion with any reflected light.

Wehnimer's Landing Cleric Guild

Located in the Antechamber of Others is a statue of Leya. This area is not considered a holy shrine.

The fiery young amazon whose image is conveyed in this figurine has wavy mahogany hair and piercing azure eyes.  Her athletic form is covered by a simple belted tunic, and she wears laced-up sandals on her feet.  Posed in a half-crouch with a dagger in each hand, she appears ready to strike at some unseen foe.  Her symbol is an ivory-hilted dagger on a field of deep blue.

Icemule Trace Cleric Guild

One of the Halls of Lessons in the Icemule Trace Cleric Guild is dedicated to Leya. The statue is identical to that in the other Cleric Guilds. It is considered a holy shrine.

[Cleric Guild, Hall of Lessons]
A white ivory altar stands to the south, set upon a circular tile of lapis lazuli that faintly emanates a pale blue glow from the reflected moonlight streaming through the thick icy walls. A subtle border of daggers alternating with owls is engraved upon the floor, following the circle in a gentle spiral. The statue of an athletic elven woman is situated behind the altar, her form slightly shadowed by the niche of ice arcing over her.
Obvious exits: northeast
>look altar
Crafted from a rich, pure white ivory, the altar is striated with faint silvery-blue streaks across its surface.  An embossed, double-edged upturned dagger is displayed upon its top, obscured slightly by an open book.

>read book
In the Common language, it reads:
"Swift of blade, fleet of foot, kind of heart --- These are the things you will learn upon Leya's path."
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Spell/Ability Messaging
CHANT (verb)
[1p cleric] You chant a reverent orison, asking Leya to lend Her strength and temperance to your cause.
[3p cleric] CLERIC chants a short but reverent orison, asking to be given strength and temperance
[1p paladin] You bow your head and chant a short prayer to Leya, causing ivory white and deep blue light to momentarily coalesce in front of you.
[1p paladin] PALADIN bows her head and chants a short prayer, causing ivory white and deep blue light to momentarily coalesce in front of her.
Major Sanctuary (220)
Your senses become flooded with the distinct sound of an owl's cry, and the faint, fleeting scent of trillium as the world around you blurs...
[Glade Sanctuary]
Tall marble columns inlaid with lapis daggers enclose a well-used sparring ring, its center bare of the grass that emerges green only near the edge. Against the ivory hue of the pillars, trillium blossoms blend to near invisibility, distinguished only by dark verdant foliage and a scent that haunts the air like a waking dream. Set back from the grounds, statues look in from each of the cardinal points, characterized by remarkable craftsmanship; in front of each is a small pool of crystalline water.
Azure sparks of light flood your vision, obscuring the sanctuary and causing it to dissolve around you...
Well of Life (308)
As you sense your souls have linked together, the smell of trillium flowers surrounds you briefly.
Condemn (309)
[Success] A series of high, ululating war cries spooks TARGET!
[Failure] A snowy owl glides past TARGET on silent wings, but nothing comes of it.
[Damage] Borne on silent wings, a snowy owl dives from the sky at TARGET and inflicts X points of damage!
[Debuff end] A final trill rings out near TARGET, then fades away.
Blind (311)
[1p] As your faith overcomes TARGET's weakened defenses, you sense the cool confidence of the Master of Martial Arts flowing through you.
[2p] CASTER's face shimmers and vanishes, and, in its place, you see the image of a woman in her twenties with wavy mahogany hair and azure eyes. Calm, unquestioning confidence fills her expression as she gazes directly at you, mitigated only slightly by the concealed shadow of sorrow. The image sears itself into your eyes before everything dissolves in a wash of grey.
Prayer (313)
[1p] Turning your thoughts inward, you ask for the skill of your deity to protect you. A sense of supple vitality flows through you, and you sense that your prayer has been granted.
[3p] Azure light shimmers in CASTER's eyes.
Censure (316)
For your transgressions, the hands of all honorable people will turn against you, leaving you surrounded by traitors and fools. Fade your combatant skills will, offering you no reward for their application.
Raise Dead (318)
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[3p] Releasing all of the air from her body, CASTER lets the last syllables of her chant fall from her lips and you watch her grow perfectly still. Narrowing the focus of her attention to TARGET's lifeless form, CASTER shifts her stance and carefully lays her hand upon his forehead. Slowly, a deep blue nimbus begins to glow around CASTER's body, and as she withdraws her hand from TARGET's forehead, you notice that the glowing light begins to seep into the dagger-shaped brand seared upon it. Moments later, TARGET draws breath and the brand upon his forehead disappears.
a chalcedony dagger talisman
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Divine Wrath (335)
As you pour your soul into an appeal to Leya, you know that you are heard. A wave of divine sorrow and anger washes through you, and, on the trailing end of that wave, and a rush of controlled power flows from your heart to your fingertips and toes.
An ivory light blossoms into existence around you.
A dagger of ivory light suddenly flashes away from the aura surrounding you to strike at TARGET.
The ivory light around you fades and glimmers out, and the strength and control of your movements lessens along with your connection to Leya.
CASTER's posture falls into a graceful fighting stance, and her movements are more controlled and executed with greater purpose.
An ivory light blossoms into existence around CASTER.
A dagger made of ivory light suddenly flashes away from CASTER to strike at TARGET.
The ivory light fades from around CASTER, and her movements are somewhat slower and less controlled.
[Look Caster]
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Symbol of the Proselyte (340)
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Miracle (350)
[1p] Your spirit feels a sudden stirring in the air above your lifeless body and moments later a brilliantly white owl appears out of nowhere. It spreads its wings and you hear the audible crack of the air as they expand, lifting the owl in a lazy spiral above you. The bird's unblinking gaze falls upon you and you feel a deep connection with it before it gives three mighty beats of its wings and surges high into the sky and disappears.
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Aid the Fallen (1613)
Repentance (1615)
[1p] A pillar of deep blue radiance manifests around TARGET.
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Judgment (1630)
You briefly close your eyes, and the visage of a great owl hovers behind you. A faint ivory light builds up and emanates from your hand before it takes the shape of an ethereal dagger!
A streak of ivory energy flares out from the blade of the ethereal dagger, striking TARGET!
The ethereal dagger collaspes into ash.
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Divine Incarnation (1650)
[Cast 1p] With reverent fervor, the last syllables of your spell leave you in a hush, and your vision shifts to a field of azure.
The scent of sweet trillium wafts about you.
[Cast 3p] As the last syllables leave Person in a reverent hush, her eyes cloud over with azure, and the scent of sweet trillium fills the air.
[Expiration 1p] You feel the influence of Leya leaving you as your field of vision clears and the azure haze is swept away as if by a breeze.
[Expiration 3p] Slowly, the azure haze in Person's eyes fades to nothingness.
[Zeal 1p] You beseech your patron for combat prowess as deep blue radiance begins to take form, swirling violently around you.
[Zeal 3p] Person beseeches her patron as deep blue radiance begins to take form, swirling violently around her.
[Armor 1p] Channeling the righteous passion of the Amazon, you entreat her blessing and feel the mantle ofher strength drape across your shoulders, back, and chest.
[Armor 3p] The azure mantle surrounding Person suddenly disappears.
[Smite 1p] You direct your devotions inward, entreating Leya to lend you her strength and mercy. A tremor thrums along your arm as a silver dagger is superimposed over your falchion, and you thrust it toward a dwarven brigand with the command of the Amazon's prowess at your disposal.
[Smite 3p] Person takes a deep breath, and a certain stillness seems to settle over her as a subtle silver sheen races along her arm to manifest as a dagger superimposed over her falchion. She lunges at a dwarven brigand with a martial prowess likened only to that of Leya.
[Onslaught 1p] Your breath catches on the words of your prayer, and you silently mouth each syllable as tendrils of silver begin to twine down your arm. The energy coalesces in your hand as a sharp dagger, and with all the martial prowess of a master combatant, your strikes are possessed of the strength that comes with such confidence.
[Onslaught 3p] Person lips move over a silent prayer, and tendrils of silver begin to twine down her arm, coalescing in her hand as a sharp dagger. With the martial prowess of a master combatant, her strikes are possessed of the strength that comes with such confidence.
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