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This page has information for the original Delirium Manor event that ran concurrently with Ebon Gate 2016. For information about Return to Delirium Manor, or to add information about the June 2017 event, see that page. Or visit August 2018's Lost in Delirium Manor.

You are cordially invited to Renown Toymaker Whax's Delirium Manor. An eerie place that pushes the limits of reality. Locate the gigantic toy chests scattered across Elanthia and travel to a land of intrigue and mystery much smaller than our own. Rumor has it the famed craftsman has dabbled in the dark arts of necromancy and his dolls are a manifestation of his magic! Search through the manor for clues to build one of the legendary dolls and find scrip and treasure along the way. Will YOU discover Delirium Manor's secrets? Or will you succumb to madness!

Delirium Manor does not use the random treasure generator. It is PURELY feeders, doll parts (the collectible), and Ebon Gate tickets.

Gift Shop

NOTE: This shop list is based on prerelease data. It may not be 100% correct!

All prices are in Ebon Gate tickets.

In the toychest you see:

Item Script Details Price
a long-haired white kitten toy Cute Critter Toys Fluff toys - untiered - 6 verbs 500
a brown-spotted puppy toy
a white-bellied ferret toy
a fluffy yellow duckling toy
an orange-maned gold lion toy Fierce Critter Toys Fluff toys - untiered - 6 verbs 500
a striped white and black tiger toy
a scaled leather crocodile toy
a black spider monkey toy
an iridescent caterpillar toy Toy Worm/Caterpillar Fluff toys - untiered - 5 verbs 500
a segmented centipede toy
a twisted silver rod Toy Slime Stick Fluff toy - untiered - 2 verbs 150
a skull-capped silver stick
a pointy-eared green goblin toy Scary Toy Fluff toy - untiered - 3 verbs 350
a blackened skeleton toy
a winged red-eyed demon toy
a toy wooden sword Toy Sword Fluff - untiered - 4 verbs
Special script; not available in ezshops.
a krolvin toy Krolvin Toy fluff toy, 3 verbs 350

On the bench you see:

Item Script Details Price
a tarnished thin silver spring Dhu Slinky Fluff toy - untiered - 5 verbs 500
a coiled ora spring
a stuffed green turtle Stufimals Tiered fluff toy - T2
(has whisper ability) - 7 verbs
a stuffed black-winged vulture
a stuffed long-clawed wombat
a stuffed brown and white dog
a dragon-helmed toy soldier SuperDuper Toy Wizard Fluff toy - 5 verbs - special script 750
a long-tailed brown toy monkey
a white-haired toy mage
a brilliant blue diamond Aldoran Healing Stones - 10 charges internal healing 500
a taupe-veined irregular turquoise poison removal
a cloudy deep grey moonstone nervous system healing
a sliver of fractured emerald eye repair
a multi-faceted golden beryl head repair
a striated blue-green sapphire healing (yabathillum)
a silver wire worry-toy Worry Toys Fluff - 11 verbs 750
a tiny black mechanical fly Toy Fly 13 traps, ambient messaging - limited use 500
a mottled green mechanical grasshopper Toy Grasshopper 12 traps, ambient messaging 500
a velvety black mechanical moth Toy Moth 12 traps, ambient messaging 500
a black-haired toymaker marionette Marionettes 10 verbs 650
a hollowed-out wooden doll leg Drink Container 10 verbs 100
10-seed packet (T1) Magic Pot Seeds decorative flowers (for T1 and above) 10
10-seed packet (T2) herbs (for T2 and above) 15
10-seed packet (T3) magic flowers (for T3 and above) 20
10-seed packet (T4) enhancive flowers (for T4 pots only) 25

On the mannequin you see:

Item Script Details Price
A soft leather ticket pouch Ebon Gate ticket pouch 50
a long-eared brown toy bat Toy Pin Fluff toy (pin) - untiered - 5 verbs 750
a red-striped black toy snake
a snow white toy rat
a yellow-eyed spotted toy owl
a sapphire silk skirt Skirt Actions Fluff skirt - 7 verb traps 800
a ribbon-tied white lace skirt
a high-collared panther fur cape Fur Clothing Fluff clothing - 5 verb traps 750
a sleek spotted leopard fur wrap
a satin lined tawny fox fur cloak 900
a thick bear fur cloak
a herringbone faenor bracelet Charm Bracelets Scripted bracelet 750
a square-linked imflass bracelet
a silver music box charm Charm Animations Charms for bracelet 500
a gold puppy charm
a polished gremlin charm
a faenor dragon charm
a multicolored marionette charm 550
a maoral two-mast ship charm
a fluffy pink cotton towel Tintrel towel Unlocked (T1) - fluff - 6 verbs 750
a dark grey linen towel edged with white satin ghosts
some black leather boots Gnome Boot Fluff - changes description
a pair of steel-buckled boots

On the mannequin you see:

Item Script Details Price
a black silk napkin Picnic Napkin Fluff - T1 - 3 verbs 350
a ruby red floating sphere Floating Spheres Fluff - untiered - 2 verbs 250
a lapis blue floating sphere
a pale golden floating sphere
a sunny yellow floating sphere
a silver telescope Telescopes Tiered telescope - T2 - 8 verbs 1000
a smooth wrotwood telescope
a smoke-filled glass globe Crystal Ball Fluff toy - T2
8 verbs, special script
a smoke-filled crystal orb
a soft sky blue blanket Blankets fluff blanket, 7 verbs (including wear/remove) 875
a fur-edged black wool blanket
a plaid red and black blanket
a clown-shaped red ora pattern Gemcutter Pattern 250
a bulb-nosed metal clown statue Gemcutter 1500
a crystal doll-shaped decanter Perfume You have an enticing aroma of spicy gingerbread laced with veiled undertones of cool peppermint lingering around you. 750
a knotted wooden flask Temporary Unique Feature Flask His/Her skin has a wood-like appearance to it, and it is scarred with numerous growth-rings surrounding smaller, fleshy knots 600
a dark eye-stamped parchment Spell Prep:
  • First Person: A pulsating dark eye hovers watchfully over you as you incoherently deliver the phrase for the [Spell Name] spell...
  • Third Person: A pulsating dark eye hovers watchfully over $P0 as $P0G incoherently delivers a magical phrase...
  • Hidden or Invisible: A pulsating dark eye appears to hover in the air for a moment before vanishing.
a crinkled paper with gold lettering Spell Prep:
  • First Person: Chaotic distortions of light surround your hands as you chant the magic words for the [Spell Name] spell...
  • Third Person: Chaotic distortions of light surround Caster's hands as he/she chants a few words of magic...
  • Hidden or Invisible: Chaotic distortions of light swirl into existence and dissipate quickly.
a curl-edged ecru document Spell Prep:
  • First Person: Your eyes glaze over as you feel yourself chant the [Spell Name] spell in a distorted voice, noticeably different from your own...
  • Third Person: Caster's eyes glaze over as he/she chants in a noticeably distorted voice...
  • Hidden or Invisible: Distorted chanting can be heard nearby.
a decorative doll case Collectible Doll Case weightless, itemless, collectibles case 100

In the sack you see:

Item Script Details Price
Arkati statues/figurines (non-mechanical) Arkati figurines used with Arkati boxes 5